What is the Interpretation of Number 6?

Dear Sahar,

I’m interested in your interpretation of the number 6. In the Bible, the number 6 is used to interpret bad things. This is because the Hebrews believed that the number 7 was the first whole number as they used to show the building of the world being created in 7 days, which led onto 7 days in the week, etc. And the number 6, was therefore the previous number and un-whole. The number of the beast in revelations being 666 was therefore to show three times, that ‘un-whole’ number for emphasis.

Dear Mark,

I understand all that but I would relate it or see it as folklore. The Kabbala, which represents The Jewish Spiritual understanding, does not think so. Six is very mystical, and is also a whole number. Here is my interpretation according to my understanding of the number six, ( the point in the newsletter I sent out, is the two triangles, so above as below, this formulation is the revelation about the lunar eclipse of Nov 8th 2003):

The esoteric meaning of numbers: Six is Service (The Lovers in the Tarot)

It is conscientious, with a need of harmony, truth and fairness, and feels obliged to bring all this to its environment. It is the vibration of personal love, humanitarian service, and engagement for others. It prefers the established conventional standards and seeks the harmonious way of adjustment. It needs a goal for its devotion, it likes to help others and its engagement for others withholds the promise of beautiful experiences in this field. Happiness will only be experienced if these gifts are used in service for others. Family situations, all that has to do with personal love, how much to give and what not to give, what others have to do for themselves are all a part of this learning.

The number six has a great love of children and is therefore a very good teacher. There is usually a tendency to make others emotionally dependent therefore the motivations, actions and feelings should be analysed!

+ve qualities: harmony, service, love of home.
-ve qualities: jealous, continual complaints, falling for flattery, stubborn.
Health correspondence: Urinary system, kidneys, throat, nose, upper lungs, breasts (females).
Mineral correspondence: Copper.
Alphabetic correspondence: F,0,X

Love and light,

© Sahar Huneidi

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