Sahar’s DIY Life Coaching

June 1, 2019 0

#Unbox The Real You!

with Sahar Huneidi-Palmer Free Webinar & Training Group What is more exciting, [more]

Inspired Living

June 6, 2019 0

Are we having an Identity Crisis?

Are we, as a collective as well as individuals, going through an identity crisis? On the one hand, [more]


March 13, 2019 0

Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights

The wonderful collection of Middle Eastern tales have inspired this deck. The wicked Sultan Schahriar has an endless stream of brides who come to his chamber each night. After the wedding night is over, he kills them. But the clever Scheherazade weaves him an endless story that holds his attention night after night. #tarot #review #arabian_nights [more]

PS Agony Aunt

June 14, 2017 0

Depressed: My Mother Passed Away

Dear Sahar, I’m slightly (well, very) depressed deep down still about the passing away of my mum to be honest. Also the fact that my boyfriend has kids is really a [more]

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