DIY Life Coaching

October 28, 2016 0

How Emotional “Dis-ease” Becomes Physical Disease

The Following is an extract from my upcoming self-help book Ketheric Well-Being: The Four Dimensions of Chnage Our body [more]


June 14, 2017 0

Imagine Your life

Astrology is one of the most fascinating studies you could ever envisage as a means of bringing to this world a [more]

Personal Resilience

September 23, 2019 0

Change Your Past. Move on!

When we experience a setback, the last thing that we want to hear from others is: ‘move on’. Why is this, the single hardest ‘move’ to make? Why is leaving an unsatisfactory state so binding? [more]

Soul Talk

October 4, 2004 0

The Miracle of Castor Oil Packs

On numerous occasions I have been asked to explain about the use of castor oil packs. So I hope this [more]

Sahar Unplugged

how to forgive
April 7, 2019 0

My personal “Spring” start

While the month of March is seen as the start of Spring, and all things new; it seemed to me to be more like starting a barbecue where the fire takes off, then suddenly dies down completely and the process must be repeated. I wondered if my personal “spring” has been in extended labour, or did I miss it all together? [more]

Unbox The Real You

June 1, 2019 0

#Unbox The Real You!

with Sahar Huneidi-Palmer Free Webinar & Training Group What is more exciting, to watch others unbox purchases, [more]

PS Agony Aunt

March 19, 2004 0

What Can You Tell Me About Number 4?

What can you tell me about the number 4?  It has been coming up again and again in my life recently – I’m [more]

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