Sahar’s DIY Awareness

March 7, 2004 0

2: Past Perfect

When we experience a set back, the last thing that we want to hear, is ‘move on’. Why is this the single [...]


October 11, 2014 0

You and Your Space

You and your work or home environment are interconnected: you affect it as much as it affects you. There are [...]


‘When I am far from Israel, I see my street corner in Tel Aviv and look forward to the moment I can return to it’ … Shlomo Sand. Photograph: Gali Tibbon/Graphic
October 10, 2014 0

Shlomo Sand: ‘I wish to resign and cease considering myself a Jew’

His past was Jewish, but today he sees Israel as one of the most racist societies in the western world. [...]

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October 11, 2014 0

I Had A Disturbing Dream, Help?

I am hoping you can help me. I had a very disturbing dream. I dreamt that I walked into a room in my house [...]