How Emotional “Dis-ease” Becomes Physical Disease

Scientists have proven that negativity literally makes cancer grow inside the body

The Following is an extract from my upcoming self-help book Ketheric Well-Being: The Four Dimensions of Chnage

Our body can express some of the more painful memories as aches and pains, which can develop into dis-eases such as diabetes (lack of sweetness or joy in life), hypertension as the name suggests: prolonged unaddressed tension in our lives; etc.

I suggest that you browse Heal Your Body, The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them, by Louise Hay; if you have not done so already. I have had excellent results with my clients who have come aware of what their physical symptoms mean, and changed their beliefs about life has helped them resolve quite a few of their physical symptoms sometimes instantaneously!

“Our intimate relationships, more than anything else, are a testing ground for our feelings and emotions. They are the catalyst that can make us feel on top of the world or in the depth of depression. How do we cope with these strong feelings and emotions? Our intimate relationships are a mirror of our general level of consciousness; they show us how well we are able to manifest our ideals in everyday life[1]”.

We have a choice, either to suppress our emotions, and hurt our body; or turn these suppressed and ignored emotions into feelings of guilt, fear or anger without even realising that we are doing so. The better alternative is, of course, to address our feelings, look them in the eye; and to try and understand their message. This understanding can bring new insights and possible resolution to a life situation through which we can grow.

In her discourse, “Taking Charge”, Caroline Myss writes “Emotional energy contributes to the formation of cell tissue, and forms an energy language which carries literal and symbolic information. In this way, your biography–that is, the experiences that make up your life–becomes your biology. Your body contains your history–every chapter, line and verse of every event and relationship in your life. As your life unfolds your biological health becomes a living, breathing biographical statement that conveys your strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears.”


The Case of the Diplomat

During the first few years of my practice, I met a very intelligent and charming client who was in her early sixties and had a remarkable career in the diplomatic corp; until her husband divorced her and married her secretary! Naturally she felt angry and resentful.

Over several sessions, and no matter how much guidance she tried to receive, her focus remained on how to avenge herself. Her anger and bitterness did not allow her to contemplate a better future for herself without her ex-husband.

From her point of view, she felt and strongly believed that she was socially rejected and irreconcilably humiliated. Although she moved countries and tried to start a new life, her shame, anger and probably the fear being able to build a better (or different) future, slowly consumed her body. Within seven years or so of her divorce, she sadly developed cancer and died.

Over the years, I have to come to recognise an unfortunate “emotional dis-ease” pattern with several of my clients, including family members. When repressed emotions are ignored over a prolonged period of time festering feelings of stress, anger, revenge or a “sense that life is unfair”; they will affect the chemistry of our body and eventually turn into a disease such as cancer.

Scientists have proven that negativity literally makes cancer grow inside the body[2]. “Let us start with the impact of staying angry, being frustrated or feeling negative about an event. Dr. Steven Standiford, chief of surgery at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, says that holding onto these negative emotions creates a chronic state of anxiety. This produces a predictable excess of adrenaline and cortisol, which deplete the production of natural killer cells. These cells are your protection against cancer. If you refuse to forgive, it not only makes you sick but can keep you that way… If you think of an old memory of being mistreated, hurt, or offended you automatically start to feel unwell. The fact is that there are immediate emotional and/or physiological responses that occur when you are having these memories. These responses include:

  • Your blood pressure increases
  • Your muscles tighten
  • You start to swell

The improvement of blood pressure and cardio-vagal tone is yet another benefit of forgiveness. Researchers have been able to show that forgiveness has a cardio-protective effect on the heart. While anger, is cardio-toxic, which damages the heart muscle.”

It is time to let go of past grievances and to feel lighter. By freeing yourself from the past; you can create space for a brighter present!

[1] Discourse: Healing Social Relationships, by Walter Last.
[2] Article by Dr. Andreia Horta, ND and Dr. Emily Lipinski, ND;


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