Yin or Yang Psychic?

what does that actually mean to be psychic?

It is very easy for me to say that everyone is psychic, but what does that actually mean?  There are many forms of psychism although, broadly speaking, they fall into two categories which I describe as Yin and Yang.  In my experience, everyone falls into one of these two categories.

The Yin psychic is someone who is like a radio receiver – i.e. they are intuitive, creative, very aware of atmospheres, have hunches, etc.  On this intuitive side, they may be composers, artists, writers, architects, gardeners, cooks, etc., in fact any area in which they can use their creative imagination.  They may well be mediumistic. They may be inventors, scientists (where do they get their ideas from?), businessmen & women – especially entrepreneurs – any area in which creative inspiration can be used.

The Yang psychic is the person who is like the radio transmitter.  They want to give energy out, they want to be the healer.  They are drawn to jobs in which they can be the carer, often working in professions like teaching, social work, nursing, etc.  They may be drawn into psychic healing or complementary therapies. They may be a medical healer, doctor or surgeon, a performer, a protector.

Ideally, it is helpful to be able to see which of the above categories applies to you, which feels most natural and comfortable to you.  However, it is important not to neglect the other aspect, the healing outflow if you are mediumistic, or the intuitive (inflow) if you are a healer, carer, teacher, etc. When you are able to assess whether you express your psychic energy in predominantly a Yin or a Yang way, you will be able to feel a greater confidence in what you do.  At the same time, you then need to work on developing the other side, the opposite polarity, thus helping to create an energetic balance that will help you on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It also needs to be pointed out that each side has its vulnerability.  The Yin person can be ungrounded and the Yang person very blinkered, very single-minded, in their way of thinking.  So, bringing about a balance between the two can help you to be more grounded on the one hand and more broader and sensitive on the other. You can see how this simple understanding can play a significant part in your life, bringing in a further dimension.

Next month, I want to look at the difference between Mediumship and Channelling and between Psychism and Spirituality.

© Tony Neate, 2004


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