True Story About Guia Estrella – A Celestial Being

By Stephanie Santana

There was a day in 1995, when a psychic cousin of mine decided to come from overseas and visit my mother for her birthday. Although I was living at home, I decided that year to surprise my mother and send her a bouquet of white lilies through a delivery service so she would receive them first thing on her birthday morning.

She was delighted when they arrived and decided to put them in a large vase. I would say there were about 40 flowers in that bouquet and they just about fit in the vase.

That afternoon the family sat together and my psychic cousin Fatima was telling us that in Portugal there were many people talking about a spirit guide called “Star” (Guia Estrella) and she was explaining that when praying for help in stressful and complicated circumstances to this guide, help was almost instant.

She also mentioned that since she started praying to Guia Estrella she kept seeing stars in her dreams. There was a huge debate about this subject and Fatima told us of many success stories that she had heard through other relatives and neighbours concerning this celestial being.

I decided to go out for the rest of that afternoon and returned that evening in an extremely bad mood and very stressed out. I walked through the door to find my mother and cousin sitting around our dining room table. My mother said to me “You will never believe what just happened!”

I listened to her as she explained -that while her and my cousin Fatima were sitting at the table the entire bunch of flowers in the vase started to move from side to side in a rhythmic way. She said they had noticed the lilies had a star-like shape and that my cousin had asked Guia Estrella for something and suddenly they began to “dance”.

In my rage I insisted that it must have been a gust of wind from a window. But they insisted that it was no such thing, and that when the flowers stopped moving one carried on moving alone while the others kept still.

Knowing that my family takes these things very seriously, I knew they could not be imagining it or exaggerating the story, especially as they both witnessed the event at the same time. My mother insisted I say a pray to Guia Estrella to show me the flowers moving- at this stage I decided to stomp off as I didn’t want to believe it, but in my heart I did say a prayer.

I tried to calm myself down and took a deep breath. From the room next door I said- “if you really did move those flowers, please move them again so I can see it with my own eyes.” I then sat myself down with mother and cousin in the dining room with this huge bouquet before me.

I kept repeating the request over and over again in my mind and then suddenly- they did move! I was totally dumbstruck and speechless as I watched these huge stems move.

It wasn’t the kind of movement you can imagine when first told the story, I had about 40 white lilies moving almost 180 degrees in each direction- this carried on for a good two minutes and then once again they stopped and one single Lilly kept going. The head of the flower was facing away from me but just before it stopped moving, it turned to face me.

I have bought lilies many times since and on the same day each year but they have never moved again.

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