(This Valentine) Find A Better Way

Dealing with Offenders

Some aboriginal tribes have a unique way of dealing with those who break the law.  They feel that somehow that person has forgotten how special they are and must be hurting inside, and that is why they committed a crime. They must need special attention. So, the tribe meets and places the “offender” in the center of a circle and for three days they surround that person with love. The person is seen and loved and reminded about how worthy they are and what a difference they make in the tribe. The tribe does not have prisons and very few repeat offenders.

It makes us wonder how we ever got so far off track. Look at how many people are in prison and what happens to them after years of confinement. It seems like there has to be a better way. I’d like to see groups get together and brain storm some of the social issues facing our planet and find unique ways of solving them. It seems like the world is ready for a change on every level.

Everyone wants to be loved

to be acknowledged, honored and respected. Every parent wants the best for their child, to see them grow and be happy, and have opportunities that perhaps the parent didn’t have. Maybe we have to just stop and start over. How about a National Children’s Day, where we all commit to raising Earth’s children with love? Let¹s begin with this new generation and surround them with the hope of a new world, for the benefit of all humanity. Instead of investing our money into the machines and depravity of war, lets put it into early education, child care and parent education. These little ones will be the ones taking care of us when we get old.

Yes, the prospect of starting over may seem like a huge one, but it’s truly not an impossible one. If each child on the planet was honored by all of us, in 30 years we would have a new world, where love reigned over fear. War would not be an option, and working together instead of in competition with one other would be a common goal. It just takes a first step.

Christmas time starts a new cycle of love that blossoms into Valentine’s Day. 

Step away from the commercial aspects and just look at the focus.  Harness this vibration of love and keep it going. Challenge yourself to make Valentine’s Day mean something new this year. Adopt a child overseas, give a goat to a village, adopt a senior citizen in a retirement community, babysit a neighbor’s child for free, or volunteer at a homeless shelter. Find some way to give back to the world we live in that honors life. But not for just one day! Make a commitment to live your life this way.

Write your congress and your president. Decide you want to support love, life and children instead of fear, death and war. Find the guts to live your truth and to make a change. Just start and keep going. Love is never wasted.  It comes back to you tenfold.


(c) Rev. Mary Bell Nyman

Rev. Mary Bell Nyman is the director of the Psychic Horizons Center, and has been teaching and reading for twenty-two years.

Published with permission from www.psychichorizonscenter.org, where article first appeared.
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