The Wisdom of Being Still

Recently, in a moment of fear and anxiousness about various events in my life, I sat down and closed my eyes, and called on the wise aspect of me.  I asked it what it had to say to me.  I then started writing what came.  Here are those words:

Be still, be strong of heart and mind and let everything flow around you like water, but remain solid and strong even if you are swept away.  And if you are swept away, be the rock.

Keep your heart open always.  Be the abundance that you truly are.  Let it all flow to you, through you, and from you. You are doing the best you can.  You wish to think that you could do better, but in this now moment, you are doing your very best.

Keep asking for help from above, and from within, constantly.  Your prayers are heard and are answered more often than you think. When darkness enters your heart, breathe ten times and bring back the light. You are light; there is no reason for you to live with darkness. Feel love, give love, be love.  Be joy and express what flows to you.

Always remember that you are an instrument of that greater part of yourself.  The more you align with that greater aspect, the more your life will be harmonious. Some days there has to be discord because you need to remember that some things just need to be, without manipulation from you.  In those moments, no action is the best action of all.

Most of all listen to your big voice and follow it all the time.  It says: You are here, you are good, you are a part of Infinite Love and you are great.  You deserve happiness, joy, love and laughter always.

It also says keep going, you are on your path no matter how opposite to that it might sometimes seem. Don’t give in to the temptations of smallness.  Be as great as you wish to be. Or be placid, or ordinary even if you want.  But let go of smallness. You have much to give and such joy to receive from doing that.

You have come so far, through so many journeys, some of which you have forgotten, but you have made it here and now. Don’t be scared to say what you really feel or think even if it doesn’t always fit the established view; this often results in growth.

You are truly remarkable, much more than you can imagine. You are just playing the role of having forgotten, and therefore being limited.  But your knowledge and wisdom are in your heart and mind always.

Close your eyes and remember to call upon your inner light now, and in every now. Wisdom is within us all.  It is the ‘big voice’ that always guides us.  All we have to do is stop and listen.

 © KB 2003

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