Ying Yang Balance At Home

Feng Shui your sapce into harmony

You and your work or home environment are interconnected: you affect it as much as it affects you. There are several types of energy blockages and manmade stressors in a workspace that impact negatively on the people working there, and on business results. The aim of the Harmony & Balance consultation is to identify these problem areas and resolve them, resulting in improvements on all levels from staff morale to business results. These principles apply if you work from home too also. In other words, harmonising you and your environment would facilitate fulfilling your goals and living a balanced harmonious life.

If you like, everything is formed through the primordial aspects of Yin and Yang, which must always be in balance. This governs all areas of our lives, including where we work, which we can term ‘the container’, and ourselves and the functions we perform there, which we refer to as ‘the content’. When content and container are in harmony with each other, resonance takes place; this is the force, or energy, that helps us materialise our goals. In the workplace, the absence of such harmony means discord between co-workers and stunted business results. At home, discord can take shape in various areas reflecting how relaxed, comfortable, energised the members are; and how they interact with each other.

Financial well-being is a major concern that many of us have nowadays. However, the principles of abundance (health, wealth and happiness) are the same. The trick to money is having some! Learning how to create and attract abundance is part of our spiritual awareness and understanding- an extension of personal, or inner harmony. If you like, money is an outer or external expression of inner harmony. It is, therefore, essential to understand that Money energy is a creative energy which vibrates, flows and pulses. Like light, it requires:

  •    Flow
  •    Direction, and
  •    Pulse

My “Harmony & Balance Consultation” assess the environment of your space and identifies areas of blockages or negative, non-productive space (Phase I). It can also include a detailed report, explanation, assessment, remedies, and clear colour diagrams highlighting significant areas in your environment (Phase II); bringing body, mind, emotions and space into balance. I use my own modern, intuitive approach, alongside effective Feng Shui principles, to connect energetically to your work environment. I take into consideration:

  • The nature of your business. Or, if you work home, your study or work place.
  • If you are requesting a Harmony Balance assessment for your home, please indicate so in the comments box when you order.
  • The people who use the space, including yourself
  • Your identity and image
  • Issues you might be encountering
  • Your goals

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