The Power of the One:The Only Resolution You Ever Need to Make

For most us, the New Year begins with a big dollop of good intentions, and long list of New Year resolutions. Very quickly, the daunting task of ‘getting it right this year’ becomes overwhelming as the prospect of failing to live up to these intentions and a resolution becomes more real.

But what if the answer to the pledged changes at advent of each New Year lies in just one principle: getting one thing right?

When I was an early teenager, I looked forward to my favourite class where we were asked to keep a journal of inspirational stores; and had to bring in a new story each week and share it with the rest of our classmates.

One of the entries in my journal, which still sticks in my mind to this day, is that of the a man who used to commit a multitude of sins, against himself and others; and who came to the prophet Mohammed asking his advice on how to combat his weakness and redeem his sins.

The prophet explained that all he had to do was just one thing: which was not to lie. The man left dumbfounded believing this was such a simple answer to his complex problems. Before long, his life began to change.

Whenever he was asked whether or not he sinned, wronged himself, or others; he started giving a truthful answer. Holding himself accountable, has helped him face his own truth, and encouraged him to do the right thing.

My own understanding of that advice also included not lying to oneself; in other words, becoming aware of our true motives and intentions – and this is the first step to developing personal awareness.

Remember the old adage, ‘you reap what you saw’? When we begin to face up to the underlying, at times egotistical, reasons for, either wanting or, resisting a change; the boundaries that hold us back begin to dissolve as we acknowledge our fears, motives and intentions. We begin to acknowledge that there will be consequences to our actions and decisions.

Two years ago, in an effort to combat procrastination and feeling overwhelmed by the ever-growing “things to do” list and the little time within which to do them; my friend, Kim Brown, and I decided that what was needed, is to get just one big thing done each month.

We would call each other regularly and update each other about our success. Our success was exhilarating, and the ‘things to do’ list was shrinking. So much so, that we decided last year to raise the bar to getting one big thing done a week. This year, you can guess, we raised the bar even further to getting one big thing done a day!

If we’ve done it – so can you!  This year, start by making a list of goals not resolutions. And make one simple resolution only, and that is to get one thing done! Whether it is to:

  • get one thing achieved
  • start one new hobby
  • break one bad habit
  • visit one new country
  • read on one new topic
  • by yourself, one nice thing
  • change one negative belief
  • get off the bus or tube one stop earlier, and walk the rest
  • drink one more glass of water
  • give one person a call – whom you’ve been meaning to call all year
  • Do one green thing to help our planet….

You have all year long to get it done!

Article first appeared in Prediction Magazine , New Year Issue 07, page 51              

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