The Organic Evolution of Consciousness

Ascension is direct access to the infinite

After The Rain, 29" x 29", acrylic on wood panel, 2017
The organic evolution of consciousness

Ascension is direct access to the infinite
Approximately ten years ago, I began to have brief experiences of what I call oneness. It always occurred while I was in bed. I felt my consciousness merging with Source while either drifting into the sleep state or just coming out of it. Although these incidents lasted less than a minute, the sense of merged awareness was that of entering into infinity. That brief, yet paradoxically eternal insight was a profound reminder of what exists beyond limited time and space.

These events came and went without warning. After I moved out of that apartment (where it began), the merging happened less frequently. I sometimes wondered if my historic Miami Beach, Florida apartment was aligned with some kind of cosmic portal. Or maybe I was being prepared for what came next, a particularly challenging time of my life.

These days something else has been happening. I am seeing through the illusion of time and space, but not while either drifting into sleep or just coming out of it. Now it happens while I am going about the normal business of life in the waking state. I have occasionally been able to see through the molecules and atoms that define matter. Like my sleep-time merging, this happens for very short periods of time. A peering beyond the veil, you might say. It is always brief yet once again, I am reminded that what we believe is reality, in fact is not.

There are myriad writings on the ideas of ascension, awakening, oneness, and so on. These numerous texts may seemingly describe something far beyond our mortal grasp. Yet, our progression as beings on the path of awakening is to naturally “see” beyond the ordinary. This is the organic evolution of consciousness. After all, ascension is direct access to the infinite. And ‘infinite’ is our true nature. Would it not make sense to develop the natural ability to peer beyond what we are taught is reality?

I have often joked that if I were to write a memoir (I won’t) it would be entitled, The Reluctant Medium.  For those that read my book, Contact Your Spirit Guides, you know that I did not consciously choose to be a Medium like one chooses a vocation. Ostensibly, I did agree to this path before my earthly self was born.  I ask then, didn’t we make a choice in the higher planes to lead the way toward ascension (awareness of the infinite) for the collective? Perhaps we are all ‘reluctant mediums’ of some kind, yet, it is time to claim our role on this Earth as those that are here to lead the way. Not forcibly, of course, but by choosing the highest path, to the best of our ability, each and every day.

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