The Indigo Child, A Typical Palm

there are many pointers to what is now referred to as the New Children

As we enter the age of Aquarius many people have noticed that children of a new energy and soul colour are being born. This phenomena began slowly in the baby boom after W.W.II and in the 1980s and 90s has multiplied into huge numbers. Although there is much disagreement amongst experts, certain aspects involving these children are universal.

In my view, there are many pointers to what is now referred to as the New Children: a great trend began, for example, with the baby boomers which is to question authority, the rise of environmental issues, which in turn led substantial numbers to join or support the new green political movement, and the many spiritually gifted children to reject the external formal religions, in favour of a personal, often earth based and internal spirituality, free from outside manipulation. Additionally, we have a significant rise in the rejection of mainstream or allopathic medication, in favour of alternative and complementary therapies.

Children of the Bomb

Experts first recognised that these new children could not be forced to hate other children, and they banded together to form the hippies, and beatnicks of the “flower power movement”; who claimed spiritual satisfaction was as much in loving our neighbours’ differences as in loving the familiarity of our own, and they were very opposed to both war and the short satisfactions of materialism. Perhaps, the growth of interest in new Age studies is in answer to the corruption in authority, and materialism, under the shadow of the weapons industry in which we all lived during the cold war. The findings suggest that many who died in W.W.II are back with us now and with a firm mission of peace.

How can we recognise these children in our midst?

They have problems with authority, especially if it is mindless, they may not feel they belong in school, and the environment can be difficult for them for they are often bullied. Strangely they are born technology literate, and can work computers from an early age, for many their favourite pastime is to play Nintendo all day. Many of these children are in the special needs categories, and sadly many are on drugs such as Ritalin for hyperactive behaviour. At very least they are non-conformist, and it is possible that a sudden leap in evolution has brought in these children, to harness the vibrations of the new Aquarian age. During my talks and lectures, I am sometimes surprised to see these spiritually conversant young children walk straight up to me to chat. They are so in tune with their inner world.

This is the hand of 10 year old

Notice first the hand shape which is square to oblong, with fairly long fingers, most modern palmists use the fourfold “gettings” system and this hand shape is a waterhand this always goes with a highly strung temperament with low nervous tolerance, and many lines. The many-lined hand is called a full hand and with Jupiter finger shorter than Apollo, and with the headline sloping down, with the lines of head and life tightly joined.These 4 factors confirm the sensitive, unconfident; anxious and intuitive base to the personality, common to receptive, feminine, psychic and artistic types.

The little finger, (2), does not reach the upper finger crease of Apollo, and the finger is low set into the hand, giving communication and relationship difficulties, this and the thin or wasted Apollo finger shows feelings of low emotional self worth, events in the latency period 6 to 12 years of age, and highlighted in the island in the life line at age 6, show the father leaving home after a series of huge rows. Children are almost always the main victims in any family break up, and subconsciously this child typically suffers from self-blame. Incidentally the shortness of Jupiter’s finger in comparison to Apollo is a sign of oestrogen imbalance inherited from the mother’s womb, and the fingernail shape (not shown) is symbolic of either insufficient pituitary or thyroid secretion also from the womb.

The line across the palmer base, (3), is now known as the poison line, as it shows an addictive personality. And is a common factor in both indigo children and in A.D.H.D type disorders. This line is also statistically very common in alcoholics, food intolerances, and drug addicts. Many indigo children have food allergies, and palmistry is a valuable tool in this diagnosis, this finely tuned gastric system should experiment with avoiding, wheat, citrus, nuts, salt and sugars particularly dairy.

Some years ago we found at the Gay Wood natural clinic that aspartame, cochineal and sunshine yellow, and particularly tartrazine, could induce restlessness and erratic behaviour. Studies show much help is gained from dietary change and spiritual healing. This palmascope is typical. Emma’s teacher says, “she is away with the fairies”. She has an amazing imagination, her creativity in terms of colour and shape make her a promising artist, the beautiful bow shape to the line of heart, (4), give her care for others, and love for animals especially birds.

She is psychologically a type B being gentle kind and very laid back yet still gets insomnia and restlessness, she has quiet powers of leadership and tells the other children delightful animal and fairy stories. In general a lovely child, but not an easy one. The line that runs up the hand centre from the palmer base, is the fate or destiny line, (5) and this with a curved top, in this position can show a spiritual leader, someone who will blaze a new trail, and is known as the “shepherds crook”: Exodus. 4;2 “then the lord asked him, what do you have there in your hand? A shepherd’s crook Moses replied”

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