The First Time I Saw My Angel..

By A Reader of PS-Magazine

In April 1972 I was 5 years old; this was the year that I saw my Angel.

My father died in the July of that year and on August 20th was his birthday. On that day my Mum went to a shelter where she could lay some flowers and say a prayer.

While she was inside I was outside waiting for her to come out, when I turned around I looked straight at an Angel in the sky that was the size (or seemed to be) of The Statue of Liberty. It seemed to glow like a pearl light bulb, only more bright and beautiful.

It was dressed in a long gown, covering its feet and had fantastically large wings tucked in behind its back and had a book in its hands of which the same golden glowing light was being emitted.

I couldn’t tell if the Angel was male or female because the light was much too bright to see any features of the face. To this day I don’t really know the significance of the ‘visit’ shall we say? I did tell my Mum of what I’d seen on the bus ride home but I only got ‘that’s nice’ and we carried on our journey home.

Over the years I’ve often thought that maybe it was for me to tell my Mum about the Angel at such a time when she probably needed a little comfort I’m not really sure. I remember everything from that day crystal clear and I also know within my being that I did not imagine it.

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