The Alchemy Of Voice: Transform & enrich your life through the power of your voice

Book Review: Your soul will be awakened to it's true signature

Perhaps at the point of origins, creation started with sound before there was light. The phrase, ‘The Big Bang’, stimulates images of heavenly bodies crashing and generating tremendous light. The Alchemy of voice reminds us ‘the bang’ is a huge sound, and sound is of importance to the soul and how the human voice is in deed ‘a wondrous thing’.
Stewart Peace takes you on a guided process to discover your ‘true note’, your true self-expression, opening heart for a multitude of joyous experiences.

Whether you are an actor, a speaker, a performer or simply a reader, your soul will be awakened to its true signature!

Excellent read. Stewart’s Voice is enchanting (as it heals) – his CD, entitled Awakenings, is a must.

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