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we discussed how sound is the origin of creation

your soul's expression is in your voice

We are delighted to bring you this interview with Stewart Pearce – Master of Voice. Stewart is a consultant to the international corporate market as a Master of Presentation, his clients have included: L`Oreal, BT, ITN World News, McKinsey & Co, Merrill Lynch, WPP Programmes and the LONDON 2012 Olympic bid. Since 1998 Stewart has been the Resident Master of Voice at ‘Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre’ and in 2001 became the Head of Voice at the ‘Drama Centre London’. He facilitates Master Class processes internationally and has taught in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark and extensively throughout the USA. His book – ‘The Alchemy of Voice’ was published in 2005. Stewart’s humanity and wisdom pervade this interview.

Stewart works with many aspects of the mind and body to connect the personality of voice with the breath of soul. As an Alchemist he enchants, encourages and empowers all that wish, enabling movement towards the Light. He describes his work explaining that  “The vibrations of our voice echo the vibrations of our bodies, and in turn echo the sounds of the natural world. Through resonance we connect with the Universe. Our voice is a means for revelation. If we become aware that we may harmonise our total being through its power, we may move from negative disenchantment into knowing what is enchanting about our lives.”

In this interview, we discussed how sound is the origin of creation, what alchemy is, his work ‘as an alchemist’ and a ‘voice doctor’ and how he helped people recover from certain health conditions (or dis-ease); we also touched on issues of Voice and Persona as powerful expressions of human integrity; and how we can claim our ‘signature note’. I asked Stewart about his next book, ‘Heart Sounds’. At the end of the interview, you will listen to Stewart’s answer to ‘one thing that life has taught me’.

I’m grateful to Stewart Pearce for his charming, wise, and elegant old soul; and hope that you will enjoy listening this Podcast.

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