Soul Food

Spirituality and food- Soul Food!

Spirituality and food – Soul Food!

Whenever my time allows, what I love watch ing on T.V. are mostly cookery programmes. If you see the eclectic collection of cookery books on my shelf, from Elizabeth David, Jane Grigson, Eating For Beauty, by David Wolfe, to Claudia Roden’s Arabesque, you’d be a fool to think that I am an avid cook! But when my friend saw the newly released book, Sufi Cuisine by Nevin Halici, at the local public library, he knew that I would love it.

In the foreword of the book, Claudia Roden writes: “it is a cultural history, a book of poetry, a culinary memoir and a collection of recipes. It also gives rare insight into the spiritual wisdom and philosophy that Rumi expressed through ecstatic love poetry seeking to unite humanity in love, respect and brotherhood”. In it, the author also describes how a Sufi’s initiation begins in the kitchen.

As I go through ‘mine’, I must confess that although I am keen recipe collector, I never seem to stick to any, and I certainly never remember a favourite one. Why do I do it? Simply because it inspired me! Inspiration takes out the ‘o’ out of any culinary chore. At those moments, which are becoming more frequent, when I venture into the kitchen; the one recipe for culinary success I remember each time is an old prayer to the three cookery saints my mother always uses. No matter what the recipe requires, or whatever my intention is to make it, the result is always satisfying.

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