Simon Turnbull R.I.P

one of Australia's most celebrated psychics

Simon Turnbull head of the International Psychics Association has died on November 6 aged 64, his contribution over 40 years is beyond measure. He was one of Australia’s most celebrated psychics. He founded Australian Psychics Association in 1983.

Simon Turnbull was born May 10  1950,  and after a visit to psychic, Brian Zodemsky, a former catholic priest, Simon began to study and visit spiritualist churches and give his own readings, and soon he was reading for many of Australia’s top people.                                               

His knowledge of psychic subjects meant he was soon writing for magazines and a regular on TV and always looking to help and encourage novice psychics to improve their art, the one thing which Simon could not tolerate is the fakes cold readers and  charlatans which inhabit the underbelly of the psychic world, and those who prey on people’s beliefs such as James Randi, he once told me he would not rest until all psychics had to have a certificate to practice which would weed out the quacks fakes  cold readers and those who hide under fake names.

A patriotic man who loved Australia and its many peoples, his shoes will be very hard to fill.

He leaves a wife Hiromi and two young daughters.

Simon Turnbull R.I.P

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