Secrets Of Remote Viewing

Skip Atwater initiated the US Army's secret remote viewing intelligence program

Remote viewing is the ability to perceive objects and events beyond the range of the ordinary senses using scientific protocol.

Skip Atwater explores how ‘unforeseen’ but significant events can lead us to where we are, and more importantly, what we can achieve.

He also explores the way spiritual guidance and ‘coincidence’ works in our lives, share his out-of-body explorations, his sessions with the consciousness pioneer Robert Monroe, and explains how he came to train remote viewers for US Army counterintelligence operations.

Skip Atwater initiated the US Army’s secret remote viewing intelligence program (code name STAR GATE), which used technology developed by Robert Monroe to train professional remote viewers including the renowned Joseph McMoneagle.

He planned, conducted, and reported thousands of remote viewing intelligence collection missions.

Skip is now Research Director at The Monroe Institute in Virginia, and has assisted hundreds of people in experiencing and exploring expanded states of consciousness.

He is author of ‘Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul’.



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