Receiving Clear Guidance

a message from spirit cannot be altered in the same way that we can change our mind with our own thoughts

How do we know when the guidance we are receiving is from spirit and not something we made up? This is a common question I’m asked by those seeking a more direct relationship with their guides. The simple answer is that you can determine higher guidance by how it makes you feel. Does the message speak to you at the soul-level (whether you like the message or not)? Does it answer an important question you are struggling to gain clarity on? Does it feel “right”?

In my book,Contact Your Spirit Guides (Schiffer Publishing), I explain that a message from spirit cannot be altered in the same way that we can change our mind with our own thoughts. If going somewhere important, I may change my mind about what to wear many times until it feels right. When I receive a message from my guides, however, it doesn’t change. The impression remains constant and it is up to me whether I choose to act on it.But it does not change. This is the clear distinction between our own thoughts and that which comes to us from a higher source. There is a certainty that comes with an impulse from the spirit world.

The same is true if we are sitting with a medium that is relaying a message. The communication must feel right. Another clarity-ensuring criterion is having a focused intention. When an individual sets their intention to seek higher guidance, it automatically creates a vehicle of receptivity. By virtue of our focus, a doorway of communication is established between us and that guiding presence.
I make it clear when sitting with my clients that the session is an exchange of energy between spirit and them. I also advise the client to prepare a short list of questions to ask the spirits during the session. Their questions are often answered by spirit before the client even asks them! The act of thoughtfully gathering questions before the session is the onset of direct communication with spirit.

The spirits do not show up only at the moment when the channel is available. Our guides are responding to our sincere inquiries from the moment we articulate them in our hearts and minds. The response can come in myriad forms and does not require a medium to access. Some people are simply uncomfortable with the concept of an intermediary and their guides will avail themselves of any avenue they can. There is an invisible presence with us at all times regardless. Trusting that presence is the key to receptivity.
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