Principles of the Universe, by Keith Casburn

Book review

This book is a communication from a source beyond the time frame of our solar system. It explains what to do in order to take a quantum leap into a new consciousness and help your mind vibrate above the level of illusion. It includes meditations on energy structures to build your vibratory level.

In one sense it is impossible to review this book or to compress its concepts into any shortened form.  Keith Casburn is not the author of this book; rather he says that he is the means by which the information given in the book has been transmitted by a source outside our normal reality.

This book is designed to work on a number of levels; two obvious ones are that it is both prophetic, in that it describes events that are to come and that it is a work of instruction about the stages we must evolve though as we progress.

The prophetic statements are often very specific and short-term. This book is not for everyone; however, I highly recommend it. It gives a unique insight into the future of the human condition and the journey of the soul. The purpose of this review, or selection of quotations from the book, is to give insight into the future of the human condition and the journey of the soul.

It discusses a transition time, a little beyond our time, when it will be necessary for the human race to be underground and under the oceans; although some will remain above ground. The book also predicts that within 150 years medicine, as we know it today will largely be redundant.

It refers to the human brain and says that although at present we only use about 3% of its potential, the time is coming when the “genetic memory contained within the brain will gradually allow you to evoke what its potential means and how it can be used.”

Casburn writes: “As you stand through time, your place within your time-scale is nearing completion.  There will be separation within your environment of those who can make this transformative leap… And who, in future time, will not be able to sustain themselves within the evolved physical reality as it will be.”

“The DNA structure within your physical bodies is entering its final state of transformation.”

“The time has come for you to use, to actively put into motion, into practice, your own self-sufficiency.  Each of you has the ability to create awareness for yourselves without help.”

Predicted Changes in Planet Earth

The book talks of major eruptions, changes in the seasons due to a new magnetic field being put into place. The effects of nuclear radiation – it could create a type of force field which excludes other entities from helping the human race.

 “You are experiencing cellular change, memory change, and protein change.”  “There are those among you whose skin composition is changing, who can no longer tolerate the energy from the sun in the way that you have been.  Eventually this will gather momentum; it will drive people indoors, underground, under the ocean.”

“As many doors are being closed to you, such as the failing atmosphere, the difficulties in providing means for heat and for power, then understand that soon what you take from the Earth will be given back to the Earth.”

Society and Politics

“You have reached a point when all structures within your society are being dissolved.”

The political reality – “It is a structure created by the mind tom manipulate, control and use.”

“The problems you experience within your society result from the fact that the illusion can no longer perpetuate itself.”    

“The illusions that are society, religion, politics, and social structures – these illusions have been built by those who wish to manipulate.”

Psycho-emotional energy

“The human being is a dense combination of psycho-emotional energy which has been brought together with a certain cosmic stickiness, or attraction, which is subject to a gravitational force, thereby keeping you connected to another consciousness form, which also has a dense physicality.”

“You are spirit.  You are an energetic frequency that has the experience of the psycho-emotional state.”

“Your energetic body creates the physical body.”

Physical reality

“The point in time will be reached when literally the physical body will start to glow; and turn into an energetic glowing vibrancy, which is easier to equate with dematerialization while still being visible.  This is where the point of evolution is reached, where you no longer are dense beings of physical shape and form.”

“There is no need for a martyr, for a guru or a master.  That time has passed.  You are on your own. You must seek, on your own.”

“There are also beings already on the Earth who are not part of our reality, who will assist wherever it is practically necessary to enable you to facilitate radical change.  You may not come to know them well.  It is almost as through help will suddenly appear, assist and then disappear. You will be guided.”

Within the next 100 years there will be a crack in the earth – in the Atlantic.

“There will be in your terms, a radical reduction of population, hence the need in the now for people to reach a state of awareness, as they will be the ones who, in future time, will perpetuate life on the surface of the Earth and within.”

 “Within the next thousand years your energetic transformation will largely be complete.  This will allow you to be the energy of who you are, allowing you to accept the consciousness of your being, bringing into alignment the amnesia state of spirit in physical consciousness, so that you exist in all dimensions at the same time.  This will bring to a conclusion the spiritual, psycho-emotional evolutionary state of your development. 

 “Over the next 50 years, in your time, you will experience – within the surface structure of your Earth – your land craving in on itself where there have been strong emissions of radioactive activity.” 

Total Reality

The most interesting predictions concern to the time when we will transmigrate from the material world to that of pure consciousness, and move to other time-spaces.

“The co-ordinates of your time clarify that you have reached a point when the human mind experiences total reality.” “You are entering the golden age of your being.”

The concluding chapter notes that; “This age is a time of responsibility.  Allow yourself to accept this responsibility and to take the freedom that is being offered…”

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