What is a personal mentor?

unbox and thrive in your life

A personal mentor is someone who has the right experience, integrity, and wisdom; with the right tools to support you, so you can continue to flourish. They are someone who you can trust to guide you in the right direction, and to give you clarity when you’re stuck or lost in a maze!

I have walked the life journey of my clients more than 14,000 times; and learnt from their life journey as much as they have from mine. In fact, they have helped direct my path to serve them better and more effectively.

Why do you need a personal mentor?

My 27-year experience as a professional intuitive, life coach and holistic therapist is what makes me unique. Your time is your life. Mine, has led me to develop my own process and the right tools to help you identify what needs to be resolved  so you get back on track quickly.

How to thrive in your life

To grow we need to let go of whatever is holding us back. The process of letting go of constraints is unboxing. Therefore, to unbox is to let release constraints and allow oneself to shine, thrive, and live in joy.

Unbox mentoring program is my unique tested and proven self-transformational process. The mechanism for self-growth and self-transformation that I use as a personal mentor, which i refer to as Unbox, is the process of unboxing itself.

It helps you release your limitations and unleash your fullest potential. It helps you stay in alignment with your path & purpose feeling fulfilled. Together, we mindfully design your program according to your goals and needs. I will guide through every step once you enrol, and you help you stay on track. Is your life worth getting  right? Find your joy now. Book your complimentary Discovery Call.

Clearing obstacles from your life path

When you work with a personal mentor, they help you grow and develop. A mentor offers you their wisdom and experience to help you remove obstacles from your desired path.

How you respond to changes in your life, can throw you off balance when you are not aware of the mechanism that governs it, what I call BEMA: The Four Dimensions of Change. Your life will seem chaotic and out of control.

Unbox mentoring is a proven process to elevate your personal awareness, re-balance your body, mind, and emotions and guide you to become more aware of your actions and how they influence your life. Don’t get stuck! Get back to the life that belongs to you. If you think you have “been there and done that” and still lack clarity or feel stuck; then you are ready to Unbox.

Developing your resilience

When you are faced with a challenge, you might feel confused, demotivated and unclear as to how to build your next life cycle or which way to turn. Life can be overwhelming. But you also can choose to learn from it, by going through it; and coming out feeling empowered and start becoming resilient. I can guide you to hone and direct life’s challenges, develop your inner strength and purpose, and unbox your fullest potential. How? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Book your complimentary Discovery Call. Together, we will design the life that belongs to you.

“Your life is worth living. My clients thrive in a life that belongs to them. I can help you too to quickly connect with your authentic self & life purpose. To free yourself from constraints that hold you back. To unbox your dreams and vision. I do it every day. I ❤ love every minute of it. My passion is to get you to feel the same way about yours” – Sahar

About Sahar Huneidi-Palmer
Author, Columnist, Holistic Therapist & Personal Mentor; helping my clients achieve the life they are meant to live since 1992. I am passionate about demystifying the abstract, podcasting & and love Turkish coffee!

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