One Man Show

by Sufi Poet and Author Syed Hamraz Ahsan

Nothing exists without Him
Even the non existent
'Knowable and unknowable'
He is not one but the only one
But He likes to play double and triple roles
Or rather all roles
Thinkable and unthinkable

He assumes
That all His roles are perfect
Perfect for his show
Where He is the only performer and He the only audience

No nerves before the performance
He is only exposing Himself to Himself
Which is why He never worries
But still He acts
Only to impress Himself
What a pity
What loneliness

What an illusion to see oneself in so many roles
He needs a really good critic
Or perhaps an experienced regressionist
Even a staled psychoanalyst will do
But there is nobody else
Except Him
And His show is going on and on and on

What a dragging show
What a pity
But the real mystery is
What He looks like off-stage
To Himself

(c) Syed Hamraz Ahsan

About Sahar Huneidi-Palmer
Author, Columnist, Holistic Therapist & Personal Mentor; helping my clients achieve the life they are meant to live since 1992. I am passionate about demystifying the abstract, podcasting & and love Turkish coffee!

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