OMG, It’s February and I don’t have a diary!

In an effort to commit to my personal goals for this year, move on, and focus; I got myself into a routine of scheduling my various activities. I wrote down tasks that need to get done daily at start of each week, and I type wrote an extensive list of matters that needed sorting for the year (so that I do not loose track of them); and I made a weekly list of regular weekly goals such as posting articles and getting newsletter out etc. Pending and irritating chores gradually began to get done.

Under pressure

Whenever I would feel pressurized, I would remind myself of the issues that were sorted – even though it has taken few days longer. Whenever my mind went blank, I would look at my list to remind myself of what needed to be resolved next.

The Importance Of Writing

There is no denying that there is an advantage in writing things down, long hand, and in setting up a daily routine or ritual. Your mind/brain (and there is a distinction between the two – for now I will use a slash), gets accustomed or programmed to such a ritual, that you will soon you find yourself motivated to stick to your list and get things done accordingly.

Any procrastination you may might have been experiencing, soon ceases to exist. At least, that is my experience of many years. The simple act of writing long hand, seems to have a magical effect.  My intentions were soon imbedded into my subconscious, and I found that I could not rest until I ticked at least one task off the list.

Realising your goals

Amidst of my excitement about “getting things done as scheduled”, I set up more goals and realised them. I started a Meditate on Mondays class for a small interested group, at my clients’ request, I started a weekly Tarot for Self-transformation class, and hope to start another weekly Dream Circle class soon.  

I also committed to attending Yoga class on Tuesdays, girlfriends’ cat-up coffees on Saturdays, along the usual daily activities or gardening, grocery shopping, and taking my elderly mum for an outing daily as well as looking after and spending time with my three cats.

Rhythm is time. Time is life.

I often tell my clients who are not aware of time to get a diary (and can tell which ones do not have a one) and schedule their commitments into it because rhythm is time. Time is life.

It wasn’t until my friend Bariya asked me if I would take a spiritual body dancing & rhythm class with her in order to try it out. I said why not. I wanted to check if I were free that day; and suddenly realised, and to my horror, that I it was February and that I did not have a diary!

Old-fashioned or digital calendar?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the digital age and technology, and do enjoy reading books on Kindle etc.; however, call me old fashioned, if you will, part me still loves holding a physical book between my hands, and accessing appointments and other commitments by glancing at a week to view page of a physical diary; instead of endless scrolling of a digital calendar.

Not to mention that I actually find it easier to page through a physical book, instead of a digital one, particularly when I am looking for specific information.

I hesitated for few days and thought to myself since I have managed so far without a physical diary, may be its time to go all the way digital and continue as I have done so far. Except for one thing. I noticed that I was getting increasingly irritated at the thought of not having my usual A6 week-to-view diary.

My diary’s check-list!

Typically, it would have an assorted colour for cover each year (to set the vibe off for the coming year), beige coloured faintly lined paper (not white), where my pen would glide smoothly over. I would mark important dates and appointments, block dates for workshop I am attending, etc. It would have a pen-holder, a rubber band that goes holds both flaps of the diary together and an inside pocket for keeping important pieces of paper or receipts.

Am I too demanding of my diary? You bet that I am! I value time, how I spend it, and I hold myself accountable for what I achieved or did not achieve in that time. How could I have overlooked getting a new diary for the New Year?

Time tracking

For me, the entire process of “time tracking” is one of pleasure. So, I do make sure that my diary is an inviting one to use, its colour does matter, and so does the pen. It must be slim but of the right weight to hold and write with without straining my wrest.

Incidentally, expensive does not mean better! My regular diaries are about £5, and do not contain useless information which most diaries still do, and which you can access digitally and instantly on a mobile, and which unnecessarily take up few pages of the diary!

What happened to Filo Fax?

So, how do I resolve this conflict in my mind when to my surprise, New Year diaries seem to disappear off the shelves as soon as January starts- at least in Dubai? And what happened to good old Filo Fax? Are they extinct now?

How do you cope with daily tasks? let me know, leave a comment below.

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