What Can You Tell Me About Number 4?

Four is Stability, Time & Space

What can you tell me about the number 4?  It has been coming up again and again in my life recently – I’m not especially looking for it, but it keeps popping up.  The 04/04/04 is a significant date for me, and with these other signs, I don’t know what to expect next month.
JW, United Kingdom


Dear JW,

4 is the number of stability and building foundations. In the tarot, it represents the emperor. Below is the interpretation of the numbers as a soul number, that is as the vibration if it were someone’s birthdate- just to allow you to get a feel what the numbers mean:

Four is Stability, Time & Space (The Emperor).

It is The symbol of law and order. It is also security, determination, and construction with a tendency to conservatism. It is a vibration which asks of work on a material plane, organisation and realisation from the material up to the artistic, religious and spiritual levels of thought and feeling. All things have to be seen right to the end.

People with four as their birth force number have very special work to accomplish in this life and to fulfil it. Their energies have to be well grounded and their ideas as well, so that they get the strength to change their environment.

Four is the number of nature; they are usually very practically oriented people with self-discipline and perseverance. Some worship life as the temple of God. The challenge of the four is in tackling daily routines and details and not to get stuck with them; to look at their stubbornness and obstinate behaviour, and to invite changes and challenges in every­day routine work.

+ve aspects :  True builder, great worker, seriousness
‑ve aspects :  Obstinate, fixed opinions, lack of imagination
Health correspondence: metabolism, Spleen, Anaemia, melancholy,

Kidney and ‑bladder, backache, bone-structure
Alphabetic correspondence:  D,M,V

04+04+04= 12=1+2=3

Three is Trinity & Creativity (The Empress)

It is the number of joy! It contains the form giving power through the emotions, a deep aesthetic sense ‑and its joyousness makes it a pleasure to have its company. The strong inner urge to create and beautify will have to find a channel for expression, and the imagination will have to be trained and the gift of speech and the use of words encouraged.

Three is the number of self-expression, of creative imagination. It is a creator not a labourer, and through its inward sensitiveness and intuition it seems as if it would have the gift of prophecy.

It has the power to turn the impossible into the possible, to spark with the fire of enthusiasm. As it is not a very practical number, it needs the other numbers to put into form what has been created through its imagination. The tendency exists to be too split up and divided through the very spontaneous enthusiasm and emotions.

+ve : gift of words, artistic feeling, optimist, a joy bringer
‑ ve : restlessness, undue worrying, emotional nervous tension
Health correspondence: Liver and Gallbladder, nervous disorders due to emotional instability. Diverse skin problems.
Alphabetic correspondence: C,L,LT.

However, if you really would like to understand the meaning of the date, you have to take into account the whole year as a number 2004. In other words, in numerology terms, we should look at: 04+04+2004=14=1+4=5.

Five is freedom (The Hierophant)

It represents changes and adventure, freedom of thought, freedom in action. Five will always led into something new (not into something stable). This number is adaptable, agile and versatile, ready to grab the nearest chance. Let is a strong vibration concerning all that is new and therefore needs a lot of freedom. It is life’s field of action.

It not only supports but also understands the law of change. Curiosity, the restless inner nature, the love of travel brings many experiences and makes the five an interesting and entertaining person. The quick perception, the great resourcefulness and the touch of the “Bohemian” make this number a complex personality.

The challenge lies within the many possibilities, to finish something off before starting on something new; otherwise somebody else will pluck the fruits of labour.

Once it has learned to plan for itself, it will be able to teach others all about freedom (those who fear changes). They are good communicators, have a bright mind, and are good teachers and actors. They love to travel, always have a lot to tell, although not necessarily in-depth!

+ve : great attraction to the opposite sex, Quickness in thought, curiosity
‑ ve : a rolling stone, temper, criticism, restlessness, nervousness
Health correspondence: Lungs, nervous system, bronchi

They need: lots of sleep, peace and silence!

Over all Meaning of 04/04/04:
So, over all, baring in mind the meaning of the above numbers, the main numbers, 4 and five, and the underpinning of ‘sub-vibration’ of 3; I would say that it looks like you have been working hard, doing the right things and building the foundation for which you are about the reap the fruits.

Keep the discipline, and routine going, and if you are looking for improvement or break troughs in anything connected with communication; then that day seems to be well aspect for that. I feel it will the beginning of a year of flexibility and ‘freedom’ for you, or as of that day, you will begin to feel that.

Finally, you might be interested (actually, you will love this) to know what 4,4,4 mean on a different level. I had an instinct to look it up in Doreen Virtue’s book; Healing With The Angels, and this is what it says:

444- The angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. Don’t worry because the angels’ help is nearby”

Love and light,

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Have you ever seen an angel? Thousands of normal people around the world have experienced angelic encounters. You don’t have to be interested in Spiritualism or anything remotely New Age, either.

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