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Everyone can benefit from mastering these basic exercises

I was born with the ability to see auras and energies around living things.  While I was growing up, I quickly understood that it was not all right to say much about what I saw.  I had a “vivid imagination” according to those around me and it was permissible to express this through art. So, I became an artist.

What I was interested in was the art of perception and how that in freeing-up how we see the world we open ourselves to a richer and deeper experience of connection between our self and all creation. Though my outer profession has changed, the impulse of what I do as a reader and healer is the same.

It took me a long time to learn about what I was seeing and feeling.

In the 1960’s and 70’s I was driven from within into learning everything I could about energy medicine, spiritual philosophy, different types of divination, psychology, meditation and so on. After a time I ceased being a professional artist and became a massage therapist and energy healer and through my more intense contact with others and support from a professional psychic, eventually became confident enough to give readings.

Within the context of the clairvoyant aura readings I give, I endeavour to inform, inspire and empower the client on their own road of self-discovery. I point out how the colours in the astral field are generated by their own thoughts, feelings and actions and how they relate to the dominant auric colour that they are born with, that indicates their karmic pathway of strengths and life lessons.

I was first asked to teach in 1980 where there were few real programmes of study for psychic development. I put all my studies and experiences together and devised a course to lead people to open their minds to what they were already experiencing, to learn to trust their own perception, to offer concrete and simple explanations of why and how subtle phenomena exist within and around them and how by knowing how to be aware of and how to manage their energy and space they could enhance their daily life in down-to-earth ways, whatever their profession.

My teaching goals have remained the same; to allow the student to discover their own inner strengths and weaknesses and support them along their pathway of inner development in the context of their outer life, so that they can find an expression of their spiritual life within the physical world.

Recently I decided to put the fundamental skills I have been teaching onto an instructional CD for the benefit of not only my students, but also for all who have an interest in development. These basic skills of energy awareness and control, cleansing and protection protocols are exercises that I have used and have been teaching for the past 24 years, provide the basis for more advanced inner work.

Everyone can benefit from mastering these basic exercises because are not solely about ‘being psychic’ or developing psychic ability. Learning how to become calm, centred, aware of our own space and managing it appropriately, keeping our sense of ourselves clean and clear is important for everyone, no matter what you do in life! It is particularly important for those working in the caring professions or those who work with a lot of people under stress.  The subtle senses we all possess are part of our innate survival skills and it makes sense use them properly.

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