Is Seeing Auras Normal?

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Dear Sahar,
I hope all is well.
I just wanted to ask you something: The other night, while we were in bed I was chatting with my wife, telling her about something I found funny, which someone had told me. Instead of seeing her smiling at the tale, she looked at me spooked. So I was a bit puzzled and asked her what it is. She told me that she’d just seen my aura round my head and that it had spooked her. Is that sort of thing normal, rare: does it mean anything??

I look forward to hearing from you
Kind regards


Dear JM,
It is very normal! Your wife is probably opening up to her spiritual/psychic abilities. First time I saw an aura, was while chatting to friend of mine while she was unpacking her suitcase. It was like a bright (orange) neon light around her. I was startled too! Well, look at it as initiation, whether your wife likes it or not!
What colour was it, by the way?
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love and light

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