My personal “Spring” start

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While the month of March is seen as the start of Spring, and all things new; it seemed to me to be more like starting a barbecue where the fire takes off, then suddenly dies down completely and the process must be repeated. I wondered if my personal “spring” has been in extended labour, or did I miss it all together?

In my reverie, I arrived at my answer: that the nature of Nature is constant change, so why not in our personal lives? And what is constant change but a process of renewal. Out with the old, with whatever did not work; then back to the drawing board creating what might.

I hope, like me, you will find some strength in seeking to uncover the wisdom of spring and any personal renewal you may be going through. Of letting go of whatever, and whomever, you need to let go of; in order to make room for what can grow and be nurturing.

Secretly, I think this is the reason why I love gardening. It’s the challenge of growing what can survive Nature’s constant change and renewal cycles. This challenge is even greater in Dubai, considering the weather and lack of rain; and the added challenge of having moved all the garden plants, form our old house, to the new one in the middle of a harsh summer; because my late husband loved our garden!

And just when I gave up hope, the new garden started blooming! Roses, hibiscus and multi-coloured bougainvilleas are thriving after having been dry and shrivelled since September of last year.

In the process, I learnt that people are just like plants, they can be resilient and that their hopes and dreams will bloom in their own rightful time – no matter what the weather is!

My rambling thoughts, while sipping at my Turkish coffee in the garden under perfect spring weather (which lasted for a few moments only), completed a full circle when it suddenly dawned on me that this is what I do. That this is what my mentoring philosophy is: personal resilience.

I had to walk my talk and embody my own truth.

Here’s a glimpse of my personal spring.

Stay well,


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