Meditation, Angels, and How My Life Changed

I would like to share this is story with anyone who is feeling down or who is facing hard times and often feel that nobody is listening to their prayers. All throughout my life I thought meditation was only for hippies, Buddhist monks and isolated hermits. I didn’t understand its concept or purpose and wondered what could be so interesting about sitting in silence chanting ‘Om’? I simply felt that if the aim of Meditation is to achieve peace and harmony then surely wouldn’t taking a siesta be an easier, more gratifying option?

I learned that Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed were notorious for their meditation practices, and figured that the as a non prophet I was unable to master such a discipline let alone silence my chattering mind. It was only in the early 90’s that I became aware of its growing popularity amongst ‘normal people’, highly publicised by celebrities such as Madonna and Richard Gere, fashionable new age writers and funky journalists.

I became curious to explore what all the fuss was about but soon ran out of patience with my guided meditation tapes as I felt nothing was happening and just felt further boredom and frustration. Then I met Sahar. I was going through hell when I became Sahar’s regular client. As part of my consultation Sahar introduced me to meditation in order to ground me and to aid anxiety attacks I kept having at that time.

During our regular sessions we meditated together, and when I’d leave I always felt uplifted but the experiences were either very dream like, at times realistic but fuzzy and not often memorable. Then one Friday evening in 2001, Sahar was guiding me through a meditation and we started to regress into past lives, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it was like watching a movie. The scenes were so vivid and as we described what we were seeing to each other, the visions seemed to synchronise and we could see the same images.

Different scenes came and went but suddenly the most magnificent thing happened. Two figures appeared and their powerful celestial presence was highly felt.  There was no doubt in my mind- these were real angels! Not only could I see them clearly with my eyes closed, but I could feel them standing so near, close enough to smell the feathers of their wings and I could hear the sound of their wings opening.

I didn’t want to open my eyes in case I lost the image. They were the epitome of angelic beauty, the stereotypical angel in paintings. The dynamics of the room changed, the room suddenly shrunk in width but the ceiling became abnormally high and these huge angels were towering above us. Their gigantic wings were bright white with thick silky feathers that took up most of the room. One of the angels stood on my right and the other stood parallel next to Sahar, on her right. Their wings opened widely and enveloped us in a warm circle.

I could see both their long robes very clearly but was only allowed to see the side of my angels face. My angel was wearing sky blue and Sahar’s was wearing emerald green. I wasn’t allowed to see Sahar’s angel but I could make out that he was very fair. Mine had dark brown hair and soft pale skin, he was young and I could constantly hear his wings fluttering.

The scent in the room became increasingly strong (just like when you walk past a pond with ducks in it, the heavy scent of wet feathers). It was a magnificent image. Sahar could see the same thing and I felt secure that this was really happening. It wasn’t my imagination. I attempted to ask questions but my angel would not speak or answer.

After quite some time, the images faded and I was in astonished with this experience. I went home that evening in absolute awe, feeling loved, protected and uplifted, I felt like crying with joy. I couldn’t believe that this came through meditation.

I kept asking myself if this was my guardian angel?  I spoke to him all the way home and prayed just before sleeping that we meet again and that he could give me his name. I dreamed of him that night, we spoke and when I woke up I had the answer!  His name was Michael.

As soon as I woke up I ran to find a book I had recently bought called ‘Ask your Angels’, as I remembered it had names and descriptions of who’s who in the Angelic realms. I looked up Michael and there he was!

“Michael– ‘Who is like God?’ is the name of this Archangel. Michael is the protector of the North, which is the house of night, winter and the colour blue. The north is the realm of spirit and of dreaming. Michael is the guardian of peace, harmony and global cooperation. And while you are on your spiritual quest it is useful to remember the hidden teaching that Michael offers us. Some times we are too busy looking for answers that we forget how important it is to learn how to ask the right questions. In these moments remember Michael, whose name is a question.”

Ask your Angels © 2001 Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie and Andrew Ramer

Though I’ve never again seen Archangel Michael through Meditation, I occasionally see him in my dreams and hear the sound and scent of his feathery wings and from time to time feel his hand through my hair.

(c) Stephanie Santana, London 2004

Please note: Meditation is not for every one. Please seek meditation under guidance, specially if you feel more agitated, uncomfortable, or experience problems of a nervous, emotional or psychic nature. Sahar

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