Love’s Illusion

Alone, in the haunted dungeon of my mind

By Nazanine Ladjevardi


 Alone, in the haunted dungeon of my mind,

 Shadows disguised as nightly ghosts,

 I see his steely eyes, almost smiling

 At the wound he carved upon my heart.

 The air hangs still, an imprisoning cloud,

 Impeding the flow of time,

 I am chained, in this eternal instant,

 To a dream that breathed and died.

 My soul, once illuminated by imagined love,

 Learned to dance, as if inflamed

 By its own symphony of celebration.

 Now, I drift deeper into the void of night,

 Where grief and solitude sing a lullaby

That carries me into the solace of sleep.


© Nazanine 2003

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