Love From Diana, by Michael Joseph

Book review

Arcturus Publishing, London
ISBN 0-572-02957-8 &
State-of-the-Heart Publishing

Neither science nor religion is satisfying our soul-searching. We look beyond these disciplines for enlightenment; we look beyond conflict for harmony; we look beyond prejudice for compassion. We find Love from Diana. And we are not surprised by the spiritual wisdom of one of the most beloved and respected women who ever walked on Earth.

Through her co-author Michael Joseph, Diana – forever the radiant princess – still graces us with her love, the most powerful energy in the Universe. This is phenomenal! I can’t do justice to my whirling feelings – although maybe this is as simple as the ecstasy of souls connecting. Thank you, thank you, Diana and Michael, for this treasure you have given us. Its very essence already has made our world a better place!

© Suzanne Ward, author of Mathew Books

And from a reader – a complete stranger – who wrote to Michael Joseph ‘out of the blue’:

Dear Michael,
Your book has brought me such joy and hope for the world. The most extraordinary thing is the way in which it brings Diana into the room, at the highest level of her being, with a sense of roses.

I’m sure that it will affect profoundly the heart of everyone who reads it, and do much to help our struggling race. It is also beautifully written: my favourite section is the credo, “We believe. . .”  Thank you and Diana for this precious gift. Wishing you wonders in 2004.

Love and blessings
Grethe Hooper Hansen
17 December, 2003

Michael Joseph is not a professional medium, but he has been blessed with the unique ability to channel the voices of particular individuals. He has long had a strong affinity with Diana, and in this astonishing book he gives the world the gift of her words.
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