Living in the Now

The Actual State of Being
The tarot reader said ‘there is no change without some amount of pain’… We are so often told that when change comes, we should embrace it. How to do that remains our challenge. Many of us might do it gracefully. Many of us will not. That is ok. But that is also when there is pain.

Nothing in life however is unnecessary. Whatever takes place is what is necessary. There are no exceptions to this rule. Things are. Things happen. We can shift views. Or we can stick to our existing views. They are both equally valid. But changing outlook is available to us at any time. There is no deadline.

The lives we live we see through the ‘perspective glasses’ of a specific personality ‘construct’ that becomes the ‘I’ to which we become attached and so identified.

The ‘perspective glasses’ that as a spiritual being, we were to experience knowledge from a particular point of view, are also the ‘glasses’ that make us lose perspective. Our life-story becomes the end-all and be-all.

By over-identifying with ‘I’, we lose sense of the greater picture. We become out of touch with it. As human beings, we can only ever have glimpses of this greater picture. There would be no point to being here if we were to go through life knowing all the time that it was all just an illusion.

The whole point of it being an illusion is so we believe it as much as possible, so we can experience it as much as possible. And to delight in dissolving the fantasy that is reality. But the ‘Is-ness’ we have is always there no matter what we are doing with our daily lives.

Through catching small visions of this ‘Is-ness’, we might start to feel more connected to Source and to others, but we are always connected, whether we feel this connection or not. That is just a plain fact.

It’s just that once that link is more obvious to us, our lives can change in wonderful ways. A feeling of ‘it’s all fine, come-what-may’ takes over in those moments when struggle often used to feel like the only choice. It is peace.

With time this might grow. It might not. Whatever we do, enlightenment is already here; there is no place in which it exists more than at the core of one’s being. There is no person, place, saying, or belief that will bring it closer, because it is already here. There is nothing to do or undo to realize that. That is the dichotomy.

There are those who think experiencing some vision of enlightenment will solve all their problems and the problems of the world. It will not. It will give an insight into the stillness behind the madness, as it were, but it will not take any of that madness away.

It will change any outlook on life, and release judgment of oneself and others. It will however bring the realization there is no one else there but one.

It is so seen as a ‘Higher state of Being’. Perhaps ‘Actual State of Being’ is more apt. It is not a surprise that people chasing what they might believe higher, in other words better, will feel often disappointed. The word higher has misled people; the state of ‘is-ness’ or ‘being-ness’ is not higher, and though great, it just ‘is’. It does not have altitude.

‘Is-ness’ is nothing to even feel reverent about. It is a state that extends beyond any human ideology, but in a simple way. It is there, it is expansive, but it does not need anything at all to be, so reverence or even worship, or anything for that matter, are not necessary. It is so simple it is funny.

However, life needs to continue to unfold, illusion or not. That too is a plain fact. Our ceremonies, chants, prayers, and all the wonderful tools we have are for the benefit of the human journey, but it is important to remember them as just that, tools.

Perhaps they will carve out a path to what we carry with us all the time, our own inner light. However, it would seem that keeping an open mind gives us a better chance of experiencing that which we already are: fully enlightened beings trying to remember who they really are. Live now; then find out. Not the other way around.

© K. B.


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