Lady Venus In Transit In My Home! By Sahar Huneidi

I first wrote this in 2004. It has been interesting to read how the changes unfolded since then. I expect that more will be realized over the next few years. Venus is ghlighted within the red circle.

On Wednesday 8th June 2004, a very rare astronomical event called the “Transit of Venus” took place and for the first time since 1283 (when no one knew it was taking place) it could be seen in its entirety from the British Isles.

The Transit of Venus occurs when the planet Venus moves between the Earth and the Sun and can be seen as a black dot moving across the face of the Sun.

Like large numbers of people around the world, I was determined not to miss it. Heavenly bodies have always fascinated me, and this was an extraordinary kind of event. The last Transit of Venue was in 1882. While there would be another transit in 2012, it will not be visible in the UK; for that we will have to wait until 2247, and I doubt many of us will still be around!

So, armed with a pair of inverted binoculars, pointed at a piece of paper (never look directly at the sun), as was suggested in the newspapers, my friend and I tried to focus the lenses, so as not to miss the image of this magical sight of a heavenly body going across the face of the Sun.

Sure enough, my friend and I saw it! I immediately got my digital camera out and took several pictures. For me, this was an intimate affair: to be able to see the image of Venus reflected on a piece of paper right here in my flat. I felt honoured; Venus had transited right through my home.

It was 10:55 am, and my friend suggested going into meditation, to connect with Venus. Why not? I thought. Previously, my Sufi Master and friend, Hamraz, has taught me how to connect to the planets through his Star Meditation. I wondered if I would be able to modify the technique and focus solely on Venus.

I had learnt from Hamraz Venus governs emotions, love, relationships, creativity, wealth, beauty and pleasures; and that it is related to the colour indigo, and resonated with sapphire. Venus also governs good taste and aesthetics. The Romans worshipped Venus as a goddess.

In the early nineties, while studying Healing Tao with Mantak Chia, I also learnt how to connect with the North Star while learning the Micro Cosmic orbit meditation. For me personally, connecting with Venus, in order to learn from it, was an intriguing challenge.

My friend and I started by breathing slowly while gently focusing on the reflected image of the transit. I closed my eyes afterwards and that image in my mind while asking what would the implications of this transit be, and how would it affect the planet in general and on the people here in London.

Before long, the following revelations came through giving insights into trends over the next 15 years:

  1. Female Energy:

Venus seemed to have “feminine” energy, symbolised by a female image that ‘dropped’ in to say hello presenting herself as Lady Venus; indicating that to me that Venus is connected with the female aspects; such as creativity including writing and the creative arts, and that those aspects would increasingly come into focus globally and be expressed as “love” of Mother Earth, harmony, and the desire for harmony on Earth.

Further, globally, there would be:

  • A shift in global consciousness towards forgiveness; bringing about gentle motherly love for the planet as a whole.
  • More women using computers and the Internet; male/to female shift in jobs which traditionally and previously were occupied by men, particularly IT and media.
  • A global lifting of veil (WikiLeaks?)
  • More people self-searching, seeking inner truth and to develop their intuition.

On an individual level:

  • Communication: A surge of communication technology, and increased use of communication across the Internet facilitating the development of global friendships and links.
  • Children growing up would be more inclined towards the arts and media using internet communication as means of establishing relationships whether with consumers, readers, and among people in general (Twitter?)
  • Connecting with old friends and past friendships (Facebook?).


  • Rise of a female brunette artist in London.
  • The rise of a female Media Tycoon
  • Lots of book fairs in London – a greater interest in reading.
  • Commitment to Recycling (looking after the planet).

Food Consciousness:

  • Increasing awareness of the interconnectedness of earth, food, diet, health and agriculture (Monsanto?)
  • People being more aware of the health benefits to eating organics foods, customized cooking at home, while eating out occasionally.
  • Berries, strawberries, and sparkling white wine (seem to be a good way to celebrate the event).

Water Element:

  • Marine technology and anything connected with water will develop.
  • People living closer to water and spending more time around water.
  • people eating more seafood
  • More interest in “water –holidays” sailing, and buying boats.

I called Hamraz later that afternoon to discuss the impressions I had received. He explained that my “Lady Venus” revelations that all within her domain. As she was responsible for love and female energy, communication is what females do; that is why the Internet, IT technology and employment shifts were revealed.

He also explained that Water expresses emotions, another domain of Venus. With global climate changes and water table rising, water as an element would be drawing more people to it. Hamraz also explained that astrologically, atopic he is well versed in, this transit is regarded as most beneficial, Venus being one of the truth planets (veil-lifting), the other one is Jupiter (transits, which could create difficult aspects would be Mars and Saturn).

He also explained the since Venus is the planet governing wealth, revelations about stock market and sectors within it were revealed. And that since Venus also governs relationships, information about the Internet trends and how people would use it came through and that explain the expected trend of closer human relationships as we increasingly use Internet technology to communicate.

Creativity, women, and trends in job and self-nurturing, changes of diet, all fall under what Venus rules. Love of Mother Earth, and Humanity in general explain changes in recycling, and diet respectively.

On a personal note, Hamraz also explained personal revelations contained herein for me, and how those trends would relate to my own growth within the next 15 years. He urged me to keep detailed notes, and explained how to encourage continuity of this ‘contact’, pointing out ways of celebrating and honouring this communication with Lady Venus.

All in all, a fascinating transit experience!

For enthusiasts, the next major solar event is a total eclipse of the sun, visible from Turkey, North Africa, and Russia in 2006.

First published June 2004. © Sahar Huneidi-Palmer

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