Modern Day Shaman Kris Diva North

Two decades after leaving the army, Kris is now a teacher and an author

It’s my pleasure to interview a modern day shaman, Kris Deva North, who is the founder of The Healing Tao, and The school for shiatsu in the United Kingdom. Kris’s own journey into spirituality is a very interesting one.

Two decades after leaving the army, Kris is now a teacher and an author. He has published numerous articles; he is writing a new book and has made several appearances on British television including “Extreme Celebrity Detox” on Channel 4.

His first, Taoist Meditation: Ancient Secrets for Modern Living CD is an excellent CD which is very well produced and includes wonderful music. In this interview, we discuss various topics, ranging from gratitude, sex, meditation and spiritual awareness in everyday life.

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