Ketheric Resilience: Uncovering Your Authentic Identity And Life Purpose

In developing inner strength, character and purpose, Ketheric Resilience will help you develop your authentic identity, who you truly are, not the person others expect, or want you to be.

What I refer to as “Ketheric Resilience” is the development of personal resilience: awareness of body, emotions, mind and accountability of our actions. Its name is inspired from the protective Ketheric layer of the human aura, which is the strongest and most resilient (a web of golden threads of light).

Ketheric Well-Being indicates the protection of the individual on all levels by developing personal awareness and a “wholistic” approach in maintaining physical, emotional, and mental health at all levels. The result will exceed the total sum of the parts. This approach will help deepen your understanding and the actions or decisions you will take will be different as a result of this understanding.

Inner Strength

It is this awareness that allows you to deal quickly with any challenges that life will inevitably throw at you, without prolonged reflection. Personal resilience is therefore an ongoing process of observing, understanding, integrating experiences, adapting our response and acting within the timeframe of the present; because learning and evolving is a perpetual part of personal development.

In developing inner strength, character and purpose, Ketheric Resilience will help you develop your authentic identity, who you truly are, not the person others expect, or want you to be.

Ketheric Resilience: The Four Dimensions of Change takes a holistic view of self-development, where you will discern which distorted behavioural and mental patterns are holding you back, how they are interrelated and how to bring your body, emotions and mind back into balance creating a more fulfilling life. This process will help align you with your life purpose.

My aim is to assist you in shifting your perspective on your life (body, emotions, and mind), and put you back into the driver’s seat where you hold yourself accountable to all that you create and experience. How else will you awaken to your fullest potential and feel empowered, if you are not in command of your personal journey?

What is it Based On?

My life’s experience. Over the past twenty-three years, I have been privileged to hold over thirteen thousand sessions with clients, initially as a psychic and healer, and later as a counsellor, life coach and holistic therapist. I have helped my clients overcome various personal issues guiding them back to a balanced state – the point at which life unfolds like a rolling carpet. Simply put, at the heart of my process, Ketheric Resilience is developing your personal resilience by practising what I refer to as The Four Dimensions of Change (see below).

You will learn how to:

  • Address any problems by lovingly reflecting on them, so that you can
  • Understand the multi-layered dynamic underlying them, and
  • Heal your negative experiences by extracting wisdom from them.
  • Allow your experience to integrate it into your life.
  • Move forward creating what you truly desire.

Once the awareness is there, you can then exercise your personal choice as to how to act or react to the recurring situation. I am not asking you to accept bad situations, rotten jobs, abusive partners, but to learn how to develop an “authentic self”, to assess your own awareness in terms of creating the possibilities for change in your life now. As the saying goes, “when you let go of who you think you are you will become who you really are”.

You can understand your past by observing yourself in the present, as the interaction between the Four Dimensions of Change will stem from whatever you have not come to terms within your past. This will help you to extract wisdom from your past so that it no longer constrains you in the present and, to discern possibilities for making changes that create a more positive future.

© Sahar Huneidi-Palmer (the above article is an extract from my upcoming self-help book)

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