Karmic Challenges

our external reality is always, without exception, a reflection of the interior personal one

I always want to write newsletters that are informative, and inspirational. Yet, in writing this newsletter, I started then stopped several times (Saturn is opposing my sun – don’t ask); hence the tardiness in sending it.

How do I write from an authentic place and yet remain discreet about my personal affairs? I hold the belief that our external reality is always, without exception, a reflection of the interior personal one; making “the story” in any article the wrapping paper that covers the real gift inside.

This does not mean that we are always the direct causal source of whatever is happening in our lives (at least not in a strictly linear sense). At the same time, our life challenges aren’t arbitrary. This is why I don’t subscribe to the notion that we are victims of circumstance. There is a karmic agenda that we all have, both of the “good” and “bad” kind. Not that I think we should label karma as either good or bad.

When life aligns harmoniously, we often refer to those conditions as blessings. When it doesn’t, seeing it as a karmic challenge can be instrumental in facing the obstacle. Why? Because then we take responsibility for the issue at hand. This gives us the power to face that thing and pierce through the illusion of whatever it is pretending to be. Otherwise we remain powerless over the circumstance.

The danger zone (for me) is what I have always called the “woe is me” syndrome. I had a client (and dear friend) that passed away a while back. We used to joke that whenever we were feeling sorry for ourselves, we would go to an imaginary room where sorrowful violin music was playing and all the attendees sat around crying (the pity party).

Facing demanding karmic challenges has been an ongoing occurrence for me in recent years. I have to start the day in prayers and meditations, hand over to Source whatever plagues me, and stay fully present. Some good, strong coffee doesn’t hurt either.
I don’t like to discuss the details of these ongoing karmic challenges for two reasons:

  1. There is nothing I dislike more than someone offering advice on how to “fix” my problems. This always feels like the person doesn’t really hear me (most of the time we just need empathy, not to be “fixed”).
  2. I believe the outer “story” or manifestation is only that; a reflection of a deep internal journey we all walk.

All of the above being said, I realize that I have the inner power and endless blessings to face these karmic agendas. Am I always masterful at it? Absolutely not. Do I struggle inwardly? Frequently. What I do have is this next moment in front of me that is the opportunity for grace to be present. Sometimes that is all that I know.

September 2015
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