Karma: a step ladder for ascension

The path of awakening is not about an existence free of karmic challenge

Recently I’ve had several clients inquire why the experiences they were having were so challenging. After all, didn’t the Guides promise that all was well in their lives? Weren’t they doing everything they needed to do to be on their higher path? Furthermore, shouldn’t all this ‘right action’ secure a path of ease and goodness?

If we view our individual lives as a soul-path that is rooted in non-time, then the journey isn’t confined to what transpires between birth and death. The viewpoint our Guides have is the larger overview. They see as us the soul-beings that we are whereas we see ourselves predominantly as our current persona. This is why their perspective can be so helpful. Our inability to see this expansive point of view could be referred to as spiritual tunnel-vision. In other words, a karmic experience (which is neither good nor bad), is one that is rooted in our distant past. That past, however, is generally too far back for us to fully understand how it impacts us today. Therefore, when our Spirit Guides assure us that all is well, they are speaking from this overview of our soul-journey. They know that we will make it through our current karmic journey and advise as such. We are the ones that define reality from the dualistic perspective of good or bad.

The path of awakening is not about an existence free of karmic challenge. Quite the contrary, karma allows us an evolution of soul growth. Even the most difficult trial can be turned into clarity and wisdom. This is really the point. If we understand that the higher soul-path is the purpose of our lives, we can more readily accept our individual karma and use it as a step-ladder for ascension. To think that we are miss-stepping because everything isn’t perfect in our lives is missing the point. It is important to view karma positively and not as some sort of punishment.

No one is exempt from karma*. Keep in mind, however, that the karmic agenda is soul-based, not personality based. Therefore, the soul is in agreement with this journey even if the persona objects. When we face our karma, the inner strength we arrive at is immeasurable. It changes us at the cellular level; this is real ascension. It doesn’t come about just because we do the right prayer, meditation, yoga, service, etc. Ascension happens when we don’t resist the limitations that are before us. If you were hungry but objected to having to prepare food and eat it, you wouldn’t survive. We accept these basic needs of the body. It is the same with the karmic journey. We must embrace what it brings us, both the easy and difficult aspects.  Ultimately the embrace of our karmic journey is a cleansing of the soul and an awakening of consciousness. Like it or not, it is the thread that holds a human reality together.

*karma: in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, the quality of somebody’s current and future lives as determined by that person’s behavior in this and in previous lives

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