Is Your Faith Beign Tested?

By Khaled

Q 2: Since I Started Taking  An Active Role In My Spiritual Development, I Feel That My Faith Is Being Tested More and More.

Sometimes The Testing Is So Relentless It Almost Feels Like I’m Being Punished. I Thought I’d Be Feeling Rewarded But I Don’t. Why Is That?

Faith has to be tested in order to be fully integrated, so that it may become real for you. But this has nothing to do with being punished, or being rewarded. 

When you say you are taking an active role in your spiritual development, the understanding is that you are allowing yourself to become more aware of the essence of Spirit which already is, was, and always will be within you, and allowing that to become an integral part of your experience.

As you go on this path, you might find yourself making statements such as ‘I really believe in God/Great Spirit/Universal Power, I know it can change my life and take me where I want to go. I really want to help myself and perhaps even help others around me’.

Well, if you say you want to help yourself, what better time to do so then when you are going through a difficult time? And what better to help you than your faith? It is when things are rough that you will have to reach for the Light that is always with you, and to hold on to the only truth that will see you through: the truth of Love, not the false truth of fear. 

And it is in those difficult times that you have the opportunity to surrender your troubles to that Greater Power and let it take care of you, and trusting it to. That is faith. That is why you so often hear people say ‘Let go and let God’. 

So, to think that you are being punished is an erroneous view. We have been conditioned to see life the way we experienced school or our home life when we were growing up. We tend to project our model of punishment and reward onto our spirituality but it is important that we shift our thinking because if that’s how we see it, then that’s how we’ll experience it. After all, you are the creator of your reality.

Life is always going to be filled all kinds of experiences, pleasant and unpleasant. These have nothing to do with being rewarded and punished. However, as active seekers of Greater Truth, we can anchor ourselves in Spirit through the good times and the bad, for Spirit is always with us no matter what.

The more you centre yourself within God/Great Spirit/Eternal Love, the more you will realize that punishment doesn’t come into the equation. 

Whenever you experience difficult and painful challenges, you have the opportunity to draw from them truth which can transform youTo go through that process is entirely your choice, and the resulting growth and transformation is the biggest reward of all.

© khaled 2004.

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