Exclusive Interview: Healing Tao Founder Mantak Chia

Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview with Taoist Master Mantak Chia

Taoist Master, Mantak Chia, is an inspiring teacher, founder of The Healing Tao system, and author of over twenty books including such best-sellers as Healing Love, Taoist Secrets of Love, Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Inner Structure of tai Chi, Awaken healing Light, Multi-Orgasmic Man, Multi-Orgasmic Couple, Sexual reflexology, Taoist Ways to transform Stress into Vitality, Chi Nei Tsang: organs Energy Massage and COSMIC HEALING. A Google search under his name yields more than 82,000 results!

During his visit to London, which focused on Chinese Astrology; Master Mantak Chia found time away from his busy schedule to share his wit and wisdom in this exclusive (if not first podcast interview) interview; to which I am very grateful.

In this podcast Mantak Chia candidly discusses various aspects of his work, experiences, and insights into Taoist practices, also explaining how Chinese Astrological offer insight into the direct relationship between our body organs and the universe. secrets of longevity and immortality, how the abdomen has a brain, as well as the heart; visits to sacred sites among other topics were also discussed. This interview is about Mantak Chia the man, as well as the Taoist master.

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