Increase Your Creativity While You Sleep

I can't recommend the Silva Method enough

Each time I repeat the main Silva Method and Silva Ultra Healing courses I come away with some new ‘nuggets’ to practise and play with.

The ones I like best and have had the most amazing results with are the glass of water and dream techniques. For example at very short notice I was asked to attend an interview and present on a topic I didn’t even understand the title of.

Using the techniques, one night I awoke with not only the answer to the presentation but also a novel approach – to present it through hypnosis. In beta level I don’t think I would have come up with the answer but by accessing a different level of the mind – the alpha level, the seemingly impossible question became virtually transparent and effortless. I got the job!

Since then I have been recording my dreams and have reached the point where I can now write in my sleep and awake to find sometimes I have written up to 9 or 10 sheets of paper with dreams, poetry and ideas.

Quite often I get the solutions to questions I hadn’t even asked but are called for the following day. This helps tremendously in my work as a MS Specialist nurse where I am always meeting the unexpected.

I can’t recommend the Silva Method enough and I get the impression this is only the beginning…

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