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Astrology is one of the most fascinating studies you could ever envisage as a means of bringing to this world a wonderful array of information that can help you on your journey through life.

Heavenly Challenges!

Imagine suddenly becoming aware that when you were born there was the Sun opposing Uranus and you are wondering what on Earth this could mean. Well for starters; this influence can suggest that your life will take twists and turns like you could not anticipate. How will you deal with this challenge? Will you tend to become rigid and inflexible and more inclined to resist the changes in your life? Will the upsets and unexpected events tend to throw you off course, or will you see them as steps towards growth and maturity?

Your mind is your most powerful tool

The star patterns at the time of your birth will influence every aspect of your life, your health, your looks, mind, soul, views, interests and leanings whether positive or negative. As your mind is your most powerful tool, whatever you can imagine your life to be, it can possibly become a reality.

The more beautiful aspects will need to be worked on. That may sound odd, but in fact, the easy aspects do not challenge us and tend to bring things in with a sense of easiness attached. However, you will also encounter directions that may lead you towards your heart’s desire and personal fulfilment.

The challenging ones will stir you to make changes and ultimately test your creativity and your motivation to live, as well as your maturity. Your life will also encounter the events that you have no control over. This is sometimes a difficult prospect to understand. However, the Universe knows what we need to grow and what lessons we need to learn. We are all tested to understand this concept throughout our life, and if we do not get the message it will have to be taught to us all over again, either in this lifetime or in the next.

Is your sun afflicted?

The Sun in your chart is the most significant point to consider as this is the life-giving planet and the aspects it makes to the other planets at the time of our birth. So if the Sun in your birth chart is afflicted (i.e. making hard angles to the planets) then there will be a struggle to survive. This can also indicate problems with the parents if the Sun makes a hard angle to Saturn, the planet which rules your father and your sense of responsibility. This can also affect your health, your perspective and whether you are prone to depression, back problems or skin problems.

If you are female there may also be associated difficulties relating to the males in your life. If you are male, and you have the Sun in a hard angle to Saturn you may feel challenged to express our manhood, though with difficulty and a frustrated sense of individuality. Maybe you cannot live up to the expectations of your family heritage or those expectations from your family.

Your relationship with the Universe

You have the potential to make your life what you want it to be. The challenges you encounter and how you deal with them will determine your level of maturity and wisdom.

The opportunities you encounter and your awareness of their existence will determine your acuteness to the Universe and how, believe it or not, this is trying to steer you towards taking the best advantage of those opportunities as they arise.

The star patterns that we were born with will show you where your strengths and weaknesses are and how to make the best use of your gifts, and also how to harness and control the negative ones, leading to better judgment when making important life decisions.

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First published in May 2005

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