Routine of A Spiritual Path

Khaled, a close friend o fmine, with whom I shared a big part of 'my journey'

Q1: I Am Getting On A spiritual Path and I Was Wondering If I Should Change My Diet And Meditate Everyday? 

It is important to recognize that the mere fact that you are human means that you are on a spiritual path. It’s just that you would like to be conscious of your path and naturally would like to know what the key ingredients would make it ‘successful’.

However, there is nothing to do, nothing to change. There is no ‘right food’. Instead, if you give thanks and bless all that you ingest, then you are recognizing its Source with gratitude. That makes any food the right food.

There is no one meditation. Instead, as a very close friend said to me ‘make every moment of your life a meditation’.  By that he meant, as often as possible, be conscious and aware of your life as it unfolds.  Be in the now, as much as possible.  When you sit with your friends, be aware of that part of you which is just observing the situation.

There is so much information out there telling you that this place is sacred, that water is sacred, that food raises your vibration, etc. If you do believe in a spiritual force, then you must believe it is everywhere all the time, whether within or outside of yourself.  So if you believe that, then how can anywhere be more sacred than where you are sitting right now?

And how can any food be more sacred than the food you bless and for which you give thanks to its Source? As you remain open and refrain from putting restrictions upon yourself, you make way for real answers to come through.

We have a tendency to put everything into boxes; we like things in neat packages and labels so that way we think we make our lives easier.

Unfortunately, it is that need which also makes life restrictive.  If you are going to define yourself by labels, ideas, what foods you can eat, even how much fun you can or can’t have, you have to remember that it is up to you to redefine those things once they get in your way. You will always know when that happens.

Spirituality is, among many things, living life to the full while becoming more and more aware of the Eternal aspect of you, recognizing it, giving thanks to it, and having some fun!!  Just because we grow up hearing that ‘life is a struggle’ doesn’t mean we can’t make it easier on ourselves!

Living life to the full is whatever you define that to be at any one time.  However, always remain mindful of the limitations you put upon yourself, as you’re the only one who can change them.

© khaled 2004.

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