I. D. (or I don’t)

Who am I? Where is this life leading me?

By Sahar Huneidi

Who am I?

Where is this life leading me?

High fever?

May be;

But the wedding must go on.

Duff’ beating: deribik, deribik, deribik, da

Spiritual ritual that’s moving

Henna night.

Tattooed tender fingers,

is she ready ‑ the bride?

The duff goes on beating

teribit, teribit, teribit ta

A musician playing

electric guitar

In a galabiya2

And I am crying out in solitude

Between the Changing Of The Masks:

Who am I?

Where do I belong?

The Dervishes go on spinning


Teribit, deribik, tra la la la!

I : A sort of hand-held large drum, made of camel skin.
2: Arabic name of the long national dress men wear.

(c) Sahar Huneidi, 1995.

About Sahar Huneidi-Palmer
Author, Columnist, Holistic Therapist & Personal Mentor; helping my clients achieve the life they are meant to live since 1992. I am passionate about demystifying the abstract, podcasting & and love Turkish coffee!

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