I Can’t Meditate, Please Help!

Dear Agony Aunt

I can’t meditate despite trying to several times. I am anxious all the time and full of energy and cannot concentrate. Please guide me to meditate and would like to learn about my past lives. I have done Reiki I & II. I would like to subscribe for your magazine.


Dear Deepikaa,

I am sorry I could not reply any earlier and just found your email now! The style of mediation is depends on the nature of the person, and what type of the energy they have; as I discussed in my article Just Breathe! It sounds to me that you have air and ‘fire energy’, so your nervous system is something to train and watch out for. Probably more yang than yin and meditation will help you balance that.

If you cannot concentrate, then your energy or consciousness is not going to be still just because you asked it-so it better to work with it than against it. So, try moving meditation like Tai Chi, or creative mediation, where you follow a guided mediation as in Taking Charge CD; and focus your attention on creating images, colours, etc.

I found the Taoist Micro Cosmic Orbit meditation really helpful as your mind is focusing on the path of the energy and guiding it around your body. This is an excellent and well produced CD- one of my favourites. If you are in London, there is a very good Tai Chi workshop at SAGB, with Hiroshi Kinjo: (Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (S.A.G.B),  www.spiritualassociation.org.uk. Also, meditation can be chanting for example, sound is healing and balancing, and this could help you too balance. I recommend Stewart Pearce’s CD, Awakenings-just marvellous:

Stewart Pearce, http://www.thealchameyofvoice.com. Stewart is a consultant to the international corporate market as a Master of Presentation. Since 1998 Stewart has been the Resident Master of Voice at ‘Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre’ and in 2001 became the Head of Voice at the ‘Drama Centre, London’. His book – ‘The Alchemy of Voice’ was published in 2005. Stewart works with many aspects of the mind and body to connect the personality of voice with the breath of soul.

Once your energy has balanced, you can move on to silent meditation or meditations where you focus on an object, like flame of a candle, on image, or a sound, etc. Also, other readers have asked me about meditation, so please read my reply for more information. My favourite is Back to the Source CD meditation CD by Anne Simpson. One other aspect to consider about meditation; what is your objective? There is more to meditation than for example, sitting and saying Ohm. Meditation is about stilling the chatter in the mind, and simple acts of contemplation can do that. Instead of trying to empty your mind, try to fill it with good thoughts, happy events, listening to uplifting music, take time to admire the beauty in nature.

Art is another thing, colouring or painting; all these activities can help direct the mind and connect it with beauty and perfection of the ‘Creative Force’; in effect oneness with ‘God’. So, experiment and see what is appropriate for you. I particularly enjoy this book, perhaps it can be a starting point:

Mandalas for Healing: A Personal System for Diagnosing and Curing, by Wolfgang Mertl, and Hubert Janko. ‘Meditating on a mandala is proven remedy to restore peace of mind, relieve depression, and inspire motivation. Cross match the mandala suited to your ailment or state of mind; you’ll find 41 different full-colour designs based on twelve signs of healing, each one specializing in different powers. ‘This wonderful book was given to me by a client of mine as a present- it is fun, easy, does work, and gives a good excuse (as an adult) to start colouring. Strongly recommended.

For a list of recommended CD’S, please click here.

For a list of Art/creative meditation, please click here.

Hope the above helps,

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