I Can’t Commit!

I lose a lot of money because I can't see any program through to the end

The Life Coach, New You Magazine – June 2016


Dear Sahar, I am a 28-year-old who is unable to commit to one exercise regime and is constantly swinging/ switching between different programs like Zumba, yoga etc. without completing any course fully. As a result I lose a lot of money because I can’t see any program through to the end. Is there a deeper malaise at work here? Please help me become more focused.

Dear Ms Deeper Malaise,

Let’s be frank. Why do you sign up for these courses? Is out of obligation and guilt that you should be something? Or is does your desire for physical fitness spring from the heart?

Our actions are out of alignment with our goals whenever what we set out to achieve is motivated by fear, guilt, or obligation; which is the reason why most of us will almost never achieve those goals. In fact, we become very creative in coming up with excuses for not committing to what we chose freely in the first place. You must be able to hold yourself accountable to your decisions, as an adult.

Your “malaise” is a common one for the reasons I descried above. Your heart needs to be involved too not just your mind! The mind serves the heart where our true and authentic desires lie. Not the other way around. The heart integrates the mind with the personal desires of the ego. When the mind, heart and ego are in agreement you will experience no resistance in achieving your goals. However, when you force yourself to do something that you are not truly engaged with, you will be met with resistance from your body!

My advice is to get into the habit of always checking with heart and see if you truly want to do something. If your heart and mind are in conflict, you can save yourself spending the money. Train your mind to serve your heart by educating it. Read about healthy living styles, physical fitness and, the effects of good and bad nutrition.

I truly believe we are what eat. Rework your diet regime. Eat healthily, add more fibre, cut out the three poisons: white rice, white flour and white sugar and bring back fat (which give you the essential amino acids that your body needs) such as butter and natural coconut or olive oil. Drop manufactured fats such vegetable oils (which are bleached to give them that golden colour), margarine and low-fat anything (which do you more harm than good).

For more information on the subject of how what we eat creates the bodies that we have check out this amazing website which is the life work of two amazing sisters, Hadeel and Abeer Al-Qadi who are psychologists and Life Coaches who provide loads of free information and videos to help you reprogram your beliefs on physical fitness and healthy living: www.reachwellbeing.com.

Moreover, before you commit to a gym, ask for a free trial session and see if you like that particular exercise regime. You might want to consider watching free You Tube videos at home before you pay for anything, and check whether you still feel drawn to continue.

Finally, you can always start a free exercise regime: walk up and down stair cases or escalators; park your car a little further and walk more; cycle when you can during weekends along the corniche etc. Trick your body into gradually doing a little more exercise in a way that you enjoy and it will not resist you.


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