Depress Because I Have Put on Weight

Help me get fit for good and shake me out of my inertia

The Life Coach Jan 2015 – New You Magazine

Is your professional, emotional, relationship or ‘me life’ in need of a makeover?

The issue

“Hi Sahar,

Now that Christmas is over and the celebrations are over, I am depressed because I have put on weight and realize I must ‘get-back-to-the-grind’. For years and years weight loss has featured as my top New Year resolution but that extra 10-12 kilo’s has been plaguing me year-in-year-out. Help me get fit for good and shake me out of my inertia.”

Dear Weigh Loss wannabee,

The naked truth is that there is no magic bullet solution to weight-loss- otherwise it would not be the huge commercial industry that it is!

I for one, never set, nor advocate, New Year resolutions – any day is a good day to effect a positive change in your life. Why wait for New Year to do so? By your own admission, this has been a year-in-year-out problem, so setting such resolution again will only help dismay you and demotivate you. Why carry on with a negative habit that has produced no results over the years? What you need instead is a change of perspective on weight-loss, and a holistic approach to achieving your goal.

Regardless of what diet or regime you chose to follow, nothing beats getting over negative inertia than choosing a pleasurable activity, one that brings vitality and a sense of “I’m glad to be alive” to your body. When you have something to look forward to, rather to stress by, the weight will come off naturally. This can be a new hobby, walking along the beach, anything that you would enjoy and not judge yourself continuously that you have failed to do.

Weight loss for me is about being healthy and not just about shedding excess weight, it is therefore about a change in lifestyle and attitude. It includes not only what eat, but also what you would do in order to look after your body. What would help you to enjoy life more, and stress less? Often, weight gain is the body’s response to emotional stress. Does the holiday season bring added pressure? How can you reduce that and focus more on pleasing yourself and others less? Ask yourself, what activities do you regularly do that bring pleasure to your physical body? Do you go for massages, sauna, yoga, or a stroll by the beach at sunset or sun rise? Now is the perfect weather for it. If you do not look after your body, it will rebel, and look after you.

Finally, this has been a cyclical issue, which means it has never been resolved fully. Cast your mind back to the time when weight gain started, and ponder what had brought it about? Have you done anything sense to resolve the issue and bring your lifestyle, beliefs and emotional reactions back to balance? You need to explore this area in order to shift your attitude about your life. As I mentioned earlier, weight gain can be the body’s age-old survival response to feeling “threatened”, or not in control.

4- Ready, Steady, Go!
Set a realistic goal, which you can achieve with pleasure (not pain) and give yourself 12 months to lose it!

Nicole’s goals:

  • To take the inertia out by refraining from making New Year resolutions. This adds pressure and helps to overwhelm her, if not in fact demotivate her.
  • Focus on vitality and well-being, and not on the negative weight loss. By choosing to focus on what is well about and what is going right for her, she will actually enforce health rather than imbalance of health.

The brain Storm

Weight loss is a change of lifestyle, no just diet. The approach has to be a holistic one that focuses on mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. In this way, being healthy and staying healthy is the goal. The body will naturally choose what is good for it and will know when to stop without the stress of obsessive starvation or getting on the scales each morning. Starting an enjoyable activity, such as walking along the beach, or exercising outdoors, is a lifestyle change that will cause the extra kilo’s to drop off. Nothing beats practicing a pleasurable activity, as opposed to blind discipline, in bringing the body back to balance. Stressing over losing weight does not help, and has not solved the problem for many years.

The action Plan

  • Change of perspective: weight loss, and keeping it off, is a lifelong goal that requires dealing with stress, minimising it, increasing pleasure and enjoyment in order to keep stress at manageable levels.
  • Eat as healthy person does, and you will be in no time!

The Idea

To deal with the emotional issues that have caused or lead to her putting on weight in the first place. Often, over eating or self-neglect is a response to change in emotional wellbeing. This will release pressure and stress by focusing increasingly and gradually on activities that increase vitality and personal pleasure.

The answer

To work adopting a positive mental attitude towards wellbeing and having a healthy lifestyle, rather than on short-term (cyclical) goals of quick weight loss only to gain it back again.

The Doubt

X has been plagued by trying to lose weight for so long, that she actually got into the habit of allowing herself to put on during the year, and then set herself up for a failed New Year resolution which actually enforced her negative view of ever achieving the right weight. Emotional wellbeing is a large factor in having the right positive mental attitude to accomplish any personal goal. If it is not dealt with, it would be impossible to achieve any personal goal otherwise.

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