I See Faces In My Paintings

Hi Sahar

I met you in Dubai. I am bothered by something. When I paint sometimes I accidentally paint faces of people. It is accidental as I can’t draw a stick figure and also don’t use a brush. There are quite a few paintings I still have with these people in them and strangely it has never made me want to find out more…until now.  If you then concentrate a little and keep staring at this photo you will see others…or parts of faces in a row from top to bottom, perhaps more noticeable in the uncropped shot. I know you did tell me that you aren’t a medium but hoping you get some kind of information that might help me.

 This is only one section of the painting. There were quite a lot of other people in this painting but this particular part has bothered me. If you can see what I am seeing do you have any idea what it is that I am supposed to do with this information? The people seem distressed to me. Are you getting any feelings at all? I have been told that I am channelling these people but what is the point of doing this if I don’t know what to do with it.

 I have an acquaintance who is very spiritual but has strong extra-terrestrial beliefs. While I have always been intrigued and fascinated by those who have a gift and can reach those that have passed over I am a little sceptical of the information she is passing to me. The ET side of things is all very new to me and frankly I am having a hard time coming to terms with it. I hope you can see my faces. They are so very clear to me.

 Many thanks for your time

Dear Lisa,

That gave me goose bumps! It is definitely a face. I do not think the face is distressed, it is trying to talk; or as though you have captured it while it is in the middle of a sentence. It seemed, to me, as if it is a distant voice – trying to get through from far away. So,

1-do not be disturbed: nothing happens without prior agreement of the soul to go through such experiences; if it is part of its spiritual growth.

2- It is making it happen in such a way that you cannot ignore it – i. e. in your face sort of things, so that is what it is coming while you paint because you are open and painting from the heart (not logic), perhaps even in an altered state of mind (which is what one does to channel information as a medium). Artists often are in that state-which, for me, makes art almost an expression for the divine. This form of mediumship is sometimes called ‘psychic art’, where psychic mediums describe what they see and who they communicate with through art.

3-now, the sooner you accept this, the sooner you would be comfortable with it. As I mentioned earlier, on some level, you have chosen this; which means you are now ready to deal with it. So I would suggest that you read a lot about opening up and about mediumship, so that the logical mind is equipped with data and vocabulary that allows your mind to the information in context.

You do not worry about it, so that you allow it to develop in a way that is comfortable for you; which would take time, knowing that you control thins and you can opt out of it whenever you wish. Nothing is forced upon you. You are being made aware of your talents and abilities should you wish to explore them. In other words, this can stop if you tell it to! But I can tell you, once you have a peak into the other side, life is never the same, and the rewards are numerous. I, for one, would not change those experiences for the world. Please take a look at Channelling, Spiritual Development & Meditation section on the book’s page on the main website, and read the answers in our section entitled Agony Aunt; there many who experienced opening up in one way or another.

For other recommended books on channelling, please click here.

Love and light,
Sahar Huneidi


Thanks for getting back to me Sahar.

I am SO glad you can see him. Its very frustrating when I can see someone so clearly and others seem to be looking at something entirely different. I think you see him as I do.. mouth open…and yes he does look as if he is trying to say something.

I spent a lot of time on your site yesterday and will keep going back to it. Am going to Australia for the holidays and will pick up some books while I’m there. I must say though that I feel I feel as if I am being very presumptuous even contemplating the idea of mediumship. I mean, there are some very talented gifted people out there and I feel like just an ordinary Mum…if you know what I mean. I can almost hear my friends now laughing at me saying “Oh, so now you are a Medium are you”.

It would be such an incredible honour to be given such a gift. I look at my faces in paintings and sometimes I think well that is just an accident…anyone could have done that…it just kind of looks like a face….but then I look at the one I sent you and I see no accident. It couldn’t have just been the way the paint was scraped onto a canvas. Anyway Sahar, so nice to hear from you. I will begin my quest and see where it leads me.

Thanks so much.

Good for you Lisa. Do not l listen to people; you have to follow your own journey, your own path. These things are sort ‘pre-ordained’; you probably have what Murry Hope calls ‘wide band width’, i.e. old soul. Anyone can develop mediumship abilities, but it is not part of everyone’s soul path. Keep that in mind.

Best of luck.

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