How to invite money into your home or work space

The main principal is to create a harmonious space

The main principal is to create a harmonious space in the office environment. In order to do so, energy flow into and throughout the space has to be maintained, releasing all causes of stagnation. A good energy flow will result in improved productivity, better health and wellbeing of the personal; and strengthen the company’s financial position.

When it comes to attracting money, what is important is the feel of the office and how it welcomes the energy of money. Money is a creative energy and therefore feminine- a femme fatal if you like! Think of it as a client entering your office. Its path must be easy flowing, and enticing so she can “find you” and wants to visit again.

The ideal shape of an environment, or space, is a square; which represents stability. Whenever the layout of an office floor plan is not a square, remedies have to be implemented to compensate for the missing space. This is based on the concept of Ying and Ying, the content and the container have to be in balance. If the container is missing parts, then so would the complimenting content- financial gaining ability is limited or restricted.

A harmony & balance survey can identify:

  1. Primary Problem areas: There are three areas of negative energy vortices, which are known as negative geopathic stress zones. The negative vortices, I can be cleared by “healing” the area.
  2. Secondary problem areas: These are what I refer to as man-made stress areas, meaning the negative stress occurs because of who uses the areas and how they act; in other words the interaction between content and container. The objective is to create harmony between the offices pace and personnel who work there, if you like between “content and container” to ensure undisturbed energy flow.

Energetic zones within a space

When you are looking at the office layout, and in turn at each office room within the office; the far left corner represents money and abundance. This corner has to be “fortified” in each room in order to correct the financial situation by placing the right remedy.

In general, the colours black and red are very good as they ground and raise the right energies. Also shapes are important, such as Pyramids and Circles. A pyramid contains energy and sends it up, and a circle diffuses it allowing to flow.

Visual images of paintings, boards and calendars on the wall, furniture type and size, a thoughtful layout within a room, as well as matching room shape to an appropriate function are all elements which can be used to create coherence and harmony.

Think of it as having a clear and recognised address as well as identity for Money Energy to flow into your workspace more easily. More importantly, it will give the employees a clearer vision and structure of why they are there, and what they are expected to achieve. Effectively, the energy of the whole company will be focused, willingly, on its objective.

This streamlining of energy and focus on the objective of the company can help it achieve its goals and to succeed in business.

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