Palmistry Detects Early Heart Problems

The heart line, which is the top crossing line on the hand, will show heart attacks

I was impressed by an article which appeared in the journal of the American Medical association warning of the dangers of over physical exertion and pushing the body too hard – even military training has started taking this issue into account.

Your heart beats 100,000 times in one day and it pumps 1 million barrels of blood during the average life, yet strangely men’s hearts beat an average of 70 times a minute while a woman’s beats 78 times; but anywhere between 60 and 100 while at rest is normal, this is hampered if you are much over weight, especially if you are carrying what is called “belly fat” – remember it’s not what you see on the outside it’s what inside squeezing on your organs and flowing round in your blood stream which is really important.

Drs T Takashina and Dr S Yorifuji in an article called “palmar dermatoglyphics in heart disease” showed that the displaced axial triradius of the fingerprints shown in the triangle in the graph appeared in 64% of those with congenital heart disease, the  healthy  triangle should reach down to the palmar base, and be from the centre of the apex.

Heart problems appear on your palm

So if you have this marking in your hands do not push the exercise envelope too far, remembers all things in moderation including physical exertion, and you should be ok.

After every large marathon run it’s pretty well guaranteed that some runner will have a myocardial infarction (heart attack) and as often as not they will be a man at the coronary age, that is the time of the Andropause, or midlife crisis, when waistlines are expanding and more alcohol is being consumed.

The heart line, which is the top crossing line on the hand, will show heart attacks, most of which are silent under the small Mercury and Apollo fingers actually on the line, feel along this line for any nodules under the skin which is confirmation.

I used to be a student counsellor and was shocked at the rubbish eaten by most young people:  cola drinks, fast foods, saturated fats, loaded with Aspartame and monosodium glutamate. It was unusual to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, but a good diet is essential for good heart health as is moderate exercise each day.

Finger nails can tell a tale

The fingernails have, among their shapes, what is called “a heart nail”. This is small and roundish, often pale and not strong, which is an accepted congenital marker for a family history which will include some cardio vascular anomalies.

Fingernails should have what is called a Moon, this is because the Moon rules all the tides of the seas and oceans, and of course all body fluids, a small or large nail moon, triangular or odd shape can also give clues to heart health and make sure the moons in the thumb nails are uniform, one good warning sign of a stroke possibility is a weaker Moon in the left thumbnail.

I have often hoped my talks to the doctors at Wipps Cross hospital in the 70’s helped save lives. In the USA people trust doctors far more than they do in Britain where people take more responsibility for their own health, but it helps to use the acupuncture type pulse taking used in Tibetan palmistry for heart checking – more on this in my book “50 case histories in modern palmistry”.

If you have a Girdle of Venus, which is a curved marking under the two middle fingers just above the heart line, this can with an island, rugged broken heart line, tell of Cardiac Dysrhythmia or irregular heartbeat, too slow in Bradycardia and too fast is Tachycardia.

Many of those I see with Atrial Fibrillation can be helped with Cranio-sacral therapy, and distance healing can also affect heart beat positively as demonstrated with my old pal Harry Edwards, (please google him). Such things as Palpitations, fainting, chest pain chest pressure and mental unease can all help to trigger this condition.

In atrial fibrillation, the heart rate may be over 140 beats a minute, anxiety is one cause another is nicotine and too much coffee, studies showed some Americans drunk 10-12 cups of coffee per day, experts say just two or three as caffeine is a heart stimulant, so unless you wish to go to de-caff please cut down.

Remember that a wide wrist to palm ratio is one sign of possible later life CHD, Coronary Heart Disease, so cut down on the junk food, and remember to check your life line and also your health line for more information.

Hypertonia (arterial hypertonia) with its associated disorders such as stroke, heart attack, cardiac insufficiency and kidney disease is a key disease factor in the developed countries; prevalence is at a constantly high level of 10 to 20 per cent.

Early detection of hypertonia leaves much to be desired, it is one of the most frequent consultation issues at general medical practices, yet red blotching on the hands is a giveaway signal, especially if you are overweight.

In the age group over 60 only one in four people have normal blood pressure levels, cold hands on a warm day can infer later life cardio vascular problems but can also be a sign of acute anxiety or thyroid imbalance, so check regularly.

Only 10 per cent of men and 21 per cent of women receive the correct treatment as commercial medical doctors fumble in the dark and only 7.5 per cent of treated hypertonic diabetics achieve the recommended blood pressure level of under 130/80 mmHg.

Blood pressure can be reduced by approximately 10mmHg (systolic) and 6mmHg (diastolic) simply by means of exercise and a healthy diet, if you read the hands of friends be gentle and diplomatic please. Finally, if you suspect your heart rhythms, please see your doctor for a check-up.

Author: T Stokes reads life histories from emailed handprints see


  1. i had a reading with this guy 40 years ago its still coming true todayand instigated my own studies into astrology and pamistry

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