A Professional Medium

by Kelvin Cruickshank - Psychic & Medium from New Zealand

I often wonder how did I end up becoming a professional medium & I am still puzzled by it. We all know that everything happens for a reason so here I am married with a white picket fence, two cars, a boat & a very busy career as a restaurant Chef/Manager. Then one day I decided that I needed time out from working 70 to 90 hrs a week, I couldn’t take the pressure anymore.

I was at the beginning of the end so to speak. I think you can call it stopping to find ones self. As I spent time alone not doing much something started to happen. I began to see things like I had when I was a small boy, my wife thought I was nuts in fact it got to the point of freaking her out so much that we agreed we needed time apart. So, off I went over to a place called Oromandle and became a hermit.

Living off the land, connecting with spirit & Our Creator

For four months I lived in a van that I’d made into a camper & talked to myself. You can find out the most interesting things about yourself when you stop & listen. I soon discovered that I had something special & decided to follow my heart. I made sure I would listen to my heart even if my mind would try to stop me I was going to break the conditioning & fear that had been installed into me as small boy.

I was afraid at times as what I would see would frighten me.  However, the more I faced what I was seeing the stronger I became & less frightened by it. For the first time in my life I felt good. I felt whole; it was as if I had the other half of my heart glued back on. I felt completed. I might add that I am now divorced & still single six years on as I chose to work for spirit. It’s a 50/50 deal. You help them they help you.

I am 33 years old now and I have many amazing stories to share, yes I know what your thinking 33 yrs old & a medium. I am a full-time medium & I love it. I travel throughout New Zealand doing Live Shows (called Open Eyes), private readings & psychic parties where people feel more comfortable at their home. It’s an amazing role in life I must say.

I have committed to my work , that people wonder about how much goes into being a medium. The most important things are:

  • Discipline
  • Meditation
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Love

The best advice I could give to you is, ask. ASK yourself for the answers are all inside waiting for you to reveal your true self. If you are just getting on the path, remember that it’s not a game; it’s real. Things happen so you must decide if you’re in or out. The creator doesn’t give you the ability for nothing. You must have it for a reason. Help yourself to help others.

Being a medium

Starts with you, and then when you have healed, heal others. The best thing about being a medium is watching someone release their pain & let things go. If your husband died in your arms & couldn’t respond to you, you would be left wondering.

Or in other circumstances, whether your 15-year-old son just died in his sleep, or if your three-year old boy was found face down in a pool, or if you fell asleep at the wheel whilst being the driver & your husband was killed while he slept in the passenger’s seat; perhaps you watching your family die in a concentration camp & you are the only survivor; you might have felt that you are still wondering about them, and whether they have survived death. In my view,  the best part is having closure.

Something happens to you when you help someone by saying & proving that they continue to exist on the other side. It gives people hope & reassurance that their family & friends are safe, happy & loved. Sometimes saying goodbye is enough. So, for me being a medium is my life, being a medium is about keeping it real.

I will be in London for the first time ever on the 1st of August until the 29th 2004, a wing & a prayer journey. No plans just faith. I would be available to speak at Churches and Centres and for readings, for more information, please contact me.

Check out www.bushaven.co.nz for my latest adventure, where I practice meditation & learning from this amazing setting in the heart of NZ. No TV & no cell phones.

For further information contact me at

May your god go with you

© Kelvin Cruickshank

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