How Getting A New Haircut Was A Life-Changing Experience

What’s in a haircut? Well, as it turned out more than you can imagine!

For me, having a haircut is an important decision that I do not take lightly because it is something that I have to live with for a while – at least until my hair grows back.

And then there are issues to consider such as would it suit my face shape, how easy it is for me to maintain, how versatile the cut is, how would it look if I decide not to blow dry and style, add whether or not to add color (usually I go for few brightly colored strands- not highlights).

Of course, my list can be longer, but that is that’s the gist of it.

When I used to live in London, Lisa Whiteman, of Webster Whiteman, was my all-time favorite hairdresser whom I knew for more than twenty years; knew that just after each new moon, I would show up for a trim and also knew what I expected.

I am Moon-sensitive, if you like, and use new moon cycles to grow things (starting new projects, having a haircut, planting seeds, etc.), waxing or full moon cycles to enforce positive things (abundance of health, wealth and happiness); and waning moon cycles to diminish negative trends and influences. The whole exercise is symbolic- but I do feel more energised around full moons during which I, generally, find it difficult to fall asleep.

Back to the haircut.

Here in Dubai, however, time seems to fly at a much quicker pace than in London, believe it or not; and hairdressers seems to appear and disappear at an equal rate. Except for a Fadi Chedid, who was recommended by a friend when I first arrived in Dubai and has been a gem of a find.

For the past few months, since my husband’s passing away; I have been occupied with a variety of issues. Fadi’s career, who I follow on social media, had been rocketing which meant he was traveling to Europe a great deal; and I really did not have the bandwidth to think about my hair. Until I saw how I looked in a video I sent my aunt- few days ago!

It was a particularly emotionally difficult day for both me and my aunt; and at her request, I decided to send her a video- on an impulse. Few minutes later- I replayed it and to my horror I was not really “loving” not “taking care” of myself as close friends has been encouraging me to do so during this tough time, with minimal low-maintenance regime, going to a local salon when necessary- the result of which was reflected in the video I sent that day.

Unlike me, on an impulse yet again, I texted Fadi in desperation requesting an appointment; to my surprise, he replied immediately asking me to go over in an hour. I could not believe it- this was “meant to be” – which is what I tell myself when things seem to be out of control!

Usually, I would give hairdressers a detailed hair brief, since post menopause and being 50 something, seem to demand it. Not this time, we chatted briefly, and agreed on the look- “not too short” were my final words. “of course,” were his. And then I let him get on with it.

Watching Fadi put an idea into action always fascinated me. The minute he starts he seems to go into a trance, almost possessed, as a true artist would be. His vision takes over, there does not seem to be any process, except to keep looking at his client’s reflection in the mirror; and before you know it- he’s done!

Of course, it turned out a bit too short me, but I am thrilled with the results. Instantly, few years came off my face. I left feeling lighter and renewed. And, the moral of my blog post? Several points actually:

  • Not everything needs to be thoroughly thought out and planned
  • Sometimes, acting on an impulse is the right thing, particularly when feeling down, tired or exhausted.
  • A small action can entirely change how you feel.
  • Spoiling oneself is necessary when the going is tough.
  • A fresh look can inspire a new beginning.
  • A good hair cut is really really worth it, particularly when it looks just as great, the next morning, as you get out of bed!

Here are my before and after picture, with no makeup, no filter, no Botox; or fillers. What do you think? Please leave a comment below and let me know if you had had a similar, seemingly simple, experience that turned out to be spiritually uplifting.

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