A Holistic Balanced Life

To find out what's your purpose in Life, ask yourself the following questions

If a client experiences a problem in romance, for example, it is very often a symptom of imbalance in other aspects of their life, and not the problem itself. Their soul, if you like, is not in harmony. All areas of our lives are interlinked. If all your efforts are focused on one area of your life, and you ignore issues which are related to your personal and spiritual growth, your own development, can become lop-sided, and you may experience symptoms, which show themselves as problems in areas like love, finances, or health.

Although your life’s path is not predestined, you will have an ideal template for the course of your life, the map which will lead you to your life’s purpose – and that is rarely to have the largest car on the block or the largest house, or the richest or best looking partner. That is not to suggest that most of us have to follow a life of poverty and prayer, our life’s purpose may require us to acquire riches; that may be our test in life, and of course to use our wealth wisely and without loosing sight of our humanity… To find out what’s your purpose in Life, ask yourself the following questions…


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